WWE Survivor Series 2011: Main Event Will Define John Cena's Career

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2011

Forget WrestleMania, Sunday night will define John Cena's career.

For years, Cena has been the unquestioned face of the WWE, winning legions of fans and moving more merchandise than anyone in the company. While it is good for the company's bottom line, there's a very vocal segment of the crowd that couldn't be more sickened by the sight of Cena.

During every match, he inevitably gets booed, something Cena hasn't ignored, but hasn't fully embraced, despite his over the top promos to the contrary. There has been a long cry for a heel turn for the man that has been so fan-friendly over the past couple of years, only to have the same old same old shoved down our throats.

As Cena comes into Sunday's tag match with The Rock as his partner, now is the time for the WWE's icon to take control of his career one way or another. Will he turn on The Rock, spit in the face of everything he knows and turn heel, or will he stick to his morals and fight to the bitter end?

For his sake, I hope he embraces the heel turn. Like it or not, a top character needs to experiment with a turn just to see how it sticks. For Hulk Hogan, it revived his career. For Stone Cold Steve Austin, it brought it to a standstill.

Cena hasn't been a heel in years, and now is the perfect opportunity to embrace the dark side, but lord knows he won't do it. There's too much money in Cena's popularity, and the short-term feud with The Rock doesn't present the biggest foil for the man that preaches Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.

It would be a major risk for Cena to do it, and it would send shockwaves through the wrestling community, the exact reasons why a heel turn is needed. It would send the buzz for WrestleMania through the roof if Cena ran roughshod over the WWE's top faces with ruthless aggression.

It is something we have been dying to see, but the bottom line has gotten in the way. The reality is that if you get over with the crowd, one way or another, you will sell merchandise, just ask Triple H.

Now, on Sunday, we'll see what Cena and the creative team are really made of, because this is the point of no return.