The Best Fitness Equipment for the Holidays

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 21, 2011

The Best Fitness Equipment for the Holidays

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    It's New Year's resolution time again! 

    That means that in the coming weeks, a lot of the population is going to make a pledge to get in shape in 2012. If you or someone you know is planning for a buffer bod in 2012, the proper tools will be required. 

    The overcrowded post-New Year's gym can be an intimidating place for the fitness novice, but there are plenty of things you can do outside the gym to get in shape. 

    Here is some of the best at-home fitness equipment for the holidays.

Perfect Push Up

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    Pushups are a staple of a successful fitness routine, but they can be stressful on wrists elbows and shoulders. 

    The Perfect Pushup has an ergonomic grip which helps distribute weight and reduce pressure points; ultimately maximizing results. 

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Yoga for Beginners Kit

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    Yoga is a great way for women to gain flexibility and muscle tone and a great way for men to meet women. 

    Seriously though, Yoga can increase circulation and give you more energy in just 20-minutes a day. Try it, you'll like it. 

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Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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    Knowing your target heart rate is vital to effective exercise. 

    If your heart rate is too low during exercise, you won't see results. If it's too high during exercise, you are at risk for a variety of medical problems. 

    A heart monitor watch can track your heart rate, calories burned and alert you when your heart rate exceeds, or dips below, the target range.  

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Jump Rope

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    Jumping rope is an excellent cardio workout that you can do almost anywhere.

    It may be difficult to sustain this activity for a full 30 minutes at first, but there are a number of workouts tailored for beginners which allow you to slowly build your endurance. 

    It worked for Rocky, didn't it?

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Free Weights

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    Lifting weights is necessary to build upper body strength, but you don't need an overpriced home gym to see results. 

    Free weight dumbbells with adjustable weights and an inexpensive bench can provide the same results as working out at the local gym. 

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Ab Wheel

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    You don't need a gigantic ab-toning chair or ridiculous bouncy ball to tone your abs at home. 

    An exercise wheel provides a more effective workout for a fraction of the price. The wheel comes with a fitness guide for working your abs with a smooth comfortable motion. 

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Pull Up Bar

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    Pull ups are the ultimate upper body exercise. They strengthen and tone your shoulders, back, arms, chest and abs. 

    Now pull ups can be done at home in any room in your house, assuming you have a dedicated doorway. 

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Heavy Bag

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    Perhaps Yoga and power walking aren't exactly the manly workout you were envisioning when you decided to get in shape. 

    A heavy bag can allow manly men to get in their card by dishing out a beating instead of running in place or climbing stairs to nowhere. 

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    P90X is the big thing in home training right now. Many users have posted their physical transformations online and the results are pretty amazing. 

    P90X2 was just released and it builds on the results you will (theoretically) achieve from P90X.  

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Black Ninja Folding Grappling Hook W/ 33 Foot Rope

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    This isn't an official exercise program just yet, but Ninja training might be the "outside-the-box" program you've been looking for. 

    Have you ever seen an out of shape Ninja? No way. 

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