Chris Weidman Video: Watch Fighter Ask Santa Claus for UFC 139 Victory

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Tom Lawlor better hope that Chris Weidman has not been a good boy this year. Otherwise, he will not only be fighting Weidman at UFC 137—but also the power of Santa.

This crazy bit of happenstance became a reality when Weidman decided to appeal to a higher power in preparation for his Saturday night fight.

Weidman plopped down on Santa's lap with one Christmas wish in mind: victory at UFC 137.

Apparently Santa is not a big UFC fan. Not only did he not know who Weidman was, but he was fairly convinced that UFC had something to do with the military.

We can't blame Santa for his ignorance of the sport. I highly doubt that pay-per-view is available in his workshop in the North Pole. However, he appeared to be open to Weidman's wish.

The mere request for victory is not enough to grant Weidman victory. There is a classic catch before Santa delivers the wished for gift: You have to have been a good boy or girl.

Weidman admits that he feels he has been a good boy, but realizes that the true authority on this assessment is his wife.

Santa proves, that while he may not know about UFC, he does know the ways of the world. "I'm afraid to. I might not get the same answer," the savvy Santa answers when Weidman tells him to ask his wife.

Given that Santa has been married to Mrs. Claus for hundreds of years, his savvy has likely been well earned.

This certainly sets the stage for unique fight. We will find out, not who the better fighter is between Weidman and Lawlor, but if Weidman has in fact been a "good boy" this year.

Let's hope for his sake he has. Otherwise, he is going to get some painful coal in his stocking.

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