WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown 12/2

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 2, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown 12/2

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    This is the seventh edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown by Nathan Giese and me.

    For those who are not up to date yet, check out the sixth episode here.

    For those further behind, I will post a full list of episodes at the end of the article to help those who missed a week.

    You can also check out Survivor Series if you missed it here.

    Remember to rate the show at the end out of 10 i.e. "8/10," as this is a competition between SmackDown (Nathan Giese and Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen, who is looking for a partner to help him out).

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, then we are treated to a recap for last week's.

    Punk tells the WWE Universe how proud he is to be WWE Champion when Cole and Miz interrupt him.

    Cole tell Punk that he will compete against Cena for the title with Dolph Ziggler as special guest referee.

    Cole is shown backstage talking with Ziggler about giving Ziggler an opportunity at the WWE Title.

    Punk and Cena fight until Cole and Miz get involved taking out Punk, which almost leads to Cena winning when Ziggler suddenly super kicks Cena and puts Punk on top for a quick three count.

    Everyone is either confused or upset at a grinning Ziggler. Green Day then plays.

Opening Segment

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    The show begins as Matt Striker and Josh Matthews welcome us. However, their voices are quickly overshadowed by a reasonable wave of boos as Dolph Ziggler hits the arena.

    He comes out with a confident smirk, and he walks to the ring without even acknowledging the crowd. He goes around the ring and grabs a steel chair and microphone. He takes a seat on the steel chair in the middle of the ring and waits a few seconds for the crowd to relax their reaction.

    Ziggler: "Several weeks ago, I told John Cena face to face that I would beat him and soon become WWE Champion; however, I lost that match under no fault of my own. Yet everyone thought I was done. They thought my message was over, that I had given up or would bypass Cena.

    "I said once and I'll say it again. I will not a joke of a champion again. Everyone here in this arena, everyone in the back, everyone on their TVs and computers who act as though they are not losers by making fun of me will recognize why I deserve to be the face of this company.

    "So why did I 'screw' Cena out of a title shot? Why did I refuse to take Cole's offer for a WWE Title shot if I allowed Cena to win? Because I don't take shortcuts anymore. I don't take the half-road. I will beat Cena. Then I will beat Punk. And then I will lead this company to a better future. Now, John, why don't come out here and face me, so I can earn my No. 1 contendership?"

    John Cena hits the arena to a seriously mixed reaction. He has a microphone in hand as he makes his way to the ring.

    Cena: "I understand wanting to make a statement, but you chose the wrong target. I'm not in a good mood tonight, so I'm not really in the mood to chat. If it's a fight you want, though, let's go."

    Cole: "Can I have your attention, please?"

    Michael Cole comes out to a monstrous negative reaction. No one in the crowd is silent. Cole decides to talk right over the boos and the "what" chants.

    Cole: "Ziggler, you didn't hold up your end of the bargain, and you ruined a main event level match by getting yourself involved. What makes you think that you deserve to be No. 1 contender after that? John is one of my most trusted employees, and I will not have you threatening to take him out or use him as a stepping stone when I can't trust you do one thing for me."

    Ziggler: "So, you're just going to give Cena here another shot? You're going to just keep feeding him opportunity after opportunity. He lost, twice. Why don't you try something new and inventive and give equal chances to each star that deserves those chances?"

    Cena: "Hey, I'm not a puppet, and I'm not going to take your charity, Michael. I can earn a shot as easily as the next guy, and I didn't need you or Miz to help me last week. Now, why don't you just turn around and go to the back. You can continue to pretend that you do something for this brand, back there."

    Cole: "I've had enough of this. Cena, Ziggler, neither of you will be the next No. 1 contender. Cena, you can leave. I have no use for you tonight. Ziggler, you want Punk? You've got him. Tonight. But you will never face him with that title on the line. Now, both of you will act like good employees and go to the back as I am ordering you to do, right now."

    Ziggler and Cena continue to stare down. Cole is motioning for them to head to the back. Ziggler taunts Cena straight to his face with the "you can't see me" hand motion, which causes Cena to snap and start beating down on Ziggler.

    The two just out right brawl in the ring as Cole calls security to the ring, who separate them. Ziggler grins at Cena being almost dragged out of the ring away from Cena. Cena looks on in the ring, still held back, with a scowl. We head to commercial break.

Match 1: Christian vs. Santino Marella

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    Christian comes out as the show returns to a mostly negative reaction. He smirks and grabs a microphone.

    Christian: "Last week, I told Justin Gabriel that I would give him another shot at my title. I'm a man of integrity who always lives by his word. Therefore, next week, Justin, you and I will face off for this title. Seems sudden, but I am a fighting champion, and I will not wait weeks on end with so many people in line.

    "In fact, tonight, I will face each person who comes out to face me, and I will show you, Justin, what you are in for next week."

    He drops the mic and waits until the crowd gives a substantial pop to Santino Marella. He comes out in typical fashion, and he looks ready to fight if a bit goofy.

    The bell rings, and Christian is all over Santino. He takes him down and keeps him there. Santino rolls out of the ring eventually, but an aggressive Christian follows. He takes out Santino and absolutely wails on him.

    No one can understand what has gotten into Christian. He just won't stop. He throws Santino back into the ring, trying to get the match over, with only for Santino to kick out. Christian goes to the top rope, jumping for a crossbody, only for Santino to duck.

    Santino begins punching Christian after he has risen. Left and right, left and right. Christian is reeling, and then Santino pulls out the Cobra, hitting it on Christian.

    The crowd goes wild for the move, but, when it hits Christian, it seems to not even affect him. Santino can't believe it. He looks down at his hand checking out his Cobra. Christian uses the time to grab Santino and hit the Killswitch for three.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, the Cruiserweight Champion of the world, Christian."

    Santino is still trying to figure out what happened when Christian is on the outside and grabs his title from the official. He then looks at the belt and gets a devious look.

    He runs in and smashes Santino on the skull. No one can understand the provocation for the attack. It is brutal as Christian beats on Santino with the belt until he lies senseless. Santino has to be helped to the back as Christian taunts to the crowd, mouthing "you're next" at the camera (presumably to Gabriel).

    We cut to commercial break.

In Ring Segment: Zack Ryder

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    Woo woo woo, you know it. Zack Ryder comes out to a great reaction. He is decked out in full Ryder attire and has a big smile lining his mouth. He gets a mic and gets in the ring.

    Ryder: "You know, broskis? I can feel the energy in here. It's electric. And I'll tell you why: because here on Zackdown, we party all night, and the fist pumping will never stop. For those wondering, I'm not out here to just talk, and I'm not just out here to find my Broski of the Week..."

    Curt Hawkins interrupts Ryder to a minor negative reaction. He has a look of disgust on his face as he makes his way over to get a mic. He doesn't even wait until he gets into the ring before he starts berating Ryder.

    Hawkins: "Just stop. As if the clothes, the corny catchphrases and the stupid little taunts weren't enough, I don't need to hear you sucked up to these people. This isn't you, Zack. This isn't you. DOn't you remember when we were great. We were the best tag team in WWE, stealing the show every night. Now, what are we? Two guys just trying to get a look on a television screen.

    "Last week, when you beat me, I realized that this shouldn't be about us fighting. This shouldn't be about me trying to get the spotlight. We need to go back. We need to team up again. Have you seen the current champions? They aren't even our same league."

    Ryder: "Bro, bro, bro..."

    Hawkins: "No! Stop all of that. Talk like everyone else."

    Ryder: "Look, Curt. These fans here, they love me, and I appreciate them. I won't turn my back on them again. Maybe the reason you're not finding success is because you haven't realized that these people are what matter. If wasn't for them, I wouldn't be on TV right now, and neither would you."

    Hawkins: "That's where you're wrong, and I'll prove it. Right now."

    Hawkins throws down his mic and motions for Ryder to fight him. A referee comes running down, and this match is official. The two lock up as we have to go to commercial break.

Match 2: Curt Hawkins vs. Zack Ryder

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    We get to the action with Hawkins standing over Ryder. He stomps on him several times and plays to the crowd. They boo him more as he gets in control further and further.

    He keeps him down with a few strong slams and a neckbreaker, but he can't get a three count. After a running STO, he looks over the crowd and then looks at the top rope. He heads to the top rope and taunts to the crowd.

    He goes for his Heat-Seeking Elbow, but Ryder rolls out of the way. Ryder starts coming back with huge hits left and right until Hawkins bails from the ring. He looks frustrated as the crowd begins chanting for Ryder.

    As Hawkins is looking to be bailing on the match, Ryder hits a huge plancha to the outside. Both men are down, but Ryder gets up first throwing Hawkins back into the ring.

    He sets up and executes the Broski Boot for a two count. Then, as Hawkins recovers, Ryder gets him up for a powerbomb only to be reversed into a whip into the corner. As Hawkins runs at Ryder, Ryder gets both knees up, causing Hawkins to reel.

    Ryder then hits a big flapjack on Hawkins and calls for the Rough Ryder. The crowd is going wild, but, as Ryder gets the leg lariat over Hawkins' head, Hawkins grabs Ryder and throws him down so his feet are touching the ground. He then hits the Taste of Pain.

    Hawkins is ready to pin Ryder, but he stops and taunts to the crowd. He then calls for Ryder's own Rough Ryder. He jumps to hit the move, only for Ryder to duck and roll up Hawkins again for the three count.

    Tony Chimel: "Here is your winner, the Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder."

    Hawkins can't believe it, as he is upset, but he can't bring himself to attack Ryder. Ryder rolls out, holding up his hand in victory as the crowd cheers. Hawkins look ready to break down in anger or in tears. We cut to backstage.

Backstage Interview: CM Punk

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    CM Punk is with Jack Korpela.

    Korpela: "Punk, over the past month, you have been plagued by a series of messages from an unknown source while still managing to gain the WWE Championship. How are you feeling about the whole situation?"

    Punk: "How am I feeling, Jack? What a simple question. I am WWE Champion, an honor I have wanted for my entire life, and this time, I plan on holding onto this title for a long time. So I feel great. But at the same time, whoever thinks they're being funny with these messages doesn't know me at all. I am the best in the world. I will not be intimidated or distracted by anything..."

    A man walks into the scene with a box in hand. He seems to be a Fed Ex delivery man.

    Messenger: "Are you...C M Punk? I have a box for you."

    Punk: "Yes...couldn't this wait? Couldn't you give it to someone else to give to me later? The whole personal delivery service while the show's running is a little weird."

    Messenger: "Sir, I was told to give this to you personally."

    Punk: "OK, whatever..."

    Punk signs for the package and rips it open as Korpela stands there and the camera rolls. Punk looks into the package and is visibly shaken. He looks over at Korpela and then storms off.

    No one is sure what to take of the scene as we go to commercial.

Match 3: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Sin Cara Azul: Non-Title Match

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    When we return, Sin Cara Azul is coming into the ring. He makes his way quickly into the ring and prepares.

    Cody Rhodes, the Intercontinental champion, comes out to a good chorus of boos. As he gets into the ring and hands his title over to the referee, John Morrison hits the arena to a decent reaction.

    Rhodes stares him down as Morrison makes his way to the announce table. He joins them on commentary.

    Matthews: "Good to have you here, John, but may I ask why you're out here for this match?"

    Morrison: "Well, that's obvious, Josh. I'm out here for moral support."

    Striker: "Of Sin Cara?"

    Morrison: "No, Cody. He looked a little ruffled on his way down, so I just want to him to know that he has a fan in the background. He's pretty insecure, you know. With the mask and everything."

    The bell rings, and a distracted Rhodes gets taken down by some fast-paced offense from Azul. Cara keeps up his upper hand with fast paced kicks and flying sweeps.

    Morrison: "Rhodes looks like he's in pain. I hope he's all right. I wouldn't want him to lose this match and look like a second-rate champion. I'm sure he'll come back."

    Striker: "You know, you almost sound sincere."

    Morrison: "Oh, I'm sincere in my own way."

    Rhodes counters an arm drag attempt into a lariat takedown. He then gets Cara into the figure four leglock. The pressure on Cara shows in his body language as he fights his way to the ropes. As he is about to get there, Rhodes reverses the momentum as a transition into a headlock.

    Striker: "A lot of smart, technical wrestling on Rhodes' part. He really is a dangerous competitor."

    Morrison: "Nobody better. Absolutely no one."

    Rhodes keeps the pressure on with some sharp slams and two counts. As Rhodes looks to be wrapping up the action, Azul pulls off a quick legsweep. He then hits his handspring back elbow. When he goes to the top rope, Rhodes hits him with a big dropkick that takes Cara off the post to the outside.

    The fall looks bad as Rhodes drags Cara back into the ring and hits the Cross Rhodes. He gets the three count for the win.

    Tony Chimel: "Here is your winner, the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes."

    Rhodes steps out of the ring and takes his belt in hand. He waves it in Morrison's face, who seems unfazed. Rhodes keeps pressing forward in Morrison's face. When the camera pans back to the ring, Sin Cara Negro runs in and attacks a defenseless Sin Cara Azul.

    He grabs Sin Cara, hitting a big Samoan drop then a strong powerbomb. He finishes up the attack by going up top and hitting a senton bomb. He poses in the ring as we cut to commercial break.

Match 4: Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

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    As we return, Jack Swagger and Ted Dibiase are entering the ring with Jimmy Uso at their side in a suit. Uso grabs a mic as Swagger enters the ring.

    Uso: "Look, these last few weeks, my boys have been running rampant on everybody, so tonight, they show the world why they will soon be tag team champions. This week, Jack beats Evan. Next week, Ted here will beat Kofi. After that, no one will doubt who deserves the tag team title shot at the next pay per view."

    He drops the mic as Air Boom hits the ring. Evan Bourne runs into the ring as Kofi stays on the outside. Kofi and Dibiase stare each other down across the ring from one another.

    Swagger and Bourne are in the ring as the bell rings. They lock up with Swagger, immediately pushing down on the much smaller Bourne. Swagger gets him in a headlock, and he does not let up any pressure for several minutes as he wears down Bourne with slams and submission holds.

    Swagger feeling confident now goes for his Swagger Bomb. As he jumps of the corner, Bourne gets his legs up, causing Swagger to hit hard and land in pain on the mat. As Swagger rises, Bourne hits with a high knee and then a dropkick.

    He follows it up with his standing moonsault for two. He hits a hurricanrana, sending Swagger to the outside, where Bourne quickly follows with a corkscrew plancha. Things break down from there, as Dibiase threatens to get involved with Kofi taking him out only for Jimmy Uso to throw Kofi into the barricade.

    Bourne takes Swagger back into the ring and, after a frankensteiner, goes to the top rope signaling for Air Bourne. However, Dibiase gets on the apron distracting the referee as Uso throws Bourne off the top rope.

    He lands on his feet only to meet a big boot and gutwrench powerbomb. Kofi is just now recovering as Swagger pins Bourne for the three count.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Jack Swagger."

    Jimmy Uso puts his two stars in the middle of the ring and raises their hands together as the tag team champions watch on the outside. We go to commercial break.

Divas Segment

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    Maryse, Eve and Natalya are seen wandering around backstage, looking through every room they pass by in search of Gail Kim.  Finally, after multiple rooms of searching, Natalya gets frustrated.

    Natalya: “You know what, I’m sick of this. That little sleez has to be around here somewhere. Where the heck can she be?”

    Eve: “Maybe we just need to start to consider the possibility that Gail isn’t behind all of this.”

    Maryse: “Don’t be so naive, Eve. We know she’s behind this. We just need to find her to make sure she can’t do this anymore.”

    Natalya: “Over here. I found her.”

    The three divas enter the room witnessing Kim being tied up to a chair , hands behind her back and tape across her mouth.

    Eve: “I told you it wasn’t her. Look at this. There is no way it’s her.”

    As the three divas start to try and untie the incapacitated Kim, the lights go out. We hear all three of the divas screaming and the crashing of furniture. The lights come back on, and we find Maryse, Natalya and Eve lying on the floor, and Kim is no longer in the room. 

    On the floor, we see a white cloth laying on the floor which reads: CONGRATULATIONS.

Match 5: Daniel Bryan vs. ?

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    Daniel Bryan starts to make his way to the ring with a determined look on his face.  He’s getting set for battle against the handp-icked opponent from Kurt Angle in an effort to make up for not participating in the Survivor Series tag team match.

    Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring with a microphone in his hand before Bryan can even get his jacket off.

    Angle: “Daniel, do you realize how irritating it is to try and find someone to compete? It’s not that they are scared of you or anything, it’s because they don’t think it’s worth their time. That you are not worth their time. Personally, I’d be more than happy to just say screw it and give up on you, but I think you have what it takes to be great, so I’m working my tail off to get the best out of you. 

    After much searching and deliberation, I have found your opponent. Let me tell you something, Daniel. You know what made me a great competitor? It’s that I was multi-dimensional. Not only could I snap somebody’s ankle in two whenever I wanted, but I could also physically punish anybody I wanted, whenever I wanted, however I wanted.

    I didn’t have to win by submission every night, I could win by pinfalls just as easily. So tonight, in your match, you have to win by pinfall. No more relying on your Labell lock to win the match; you must use your other talents to win. Double challenge night Daniel. 1. win the match, 2. win by pinfall. That is all. Good luck.”

    Angle starts walking toward the back as Bryan’s opponent’s music hits. His opponent is Alberto Del Rio, and he’s smiling wider than ever before. He smirks at Daniel and gives him his patented wink, gloating about the fact Bryan can’t use the Labell lock. 

    Del Rio finally gets to the ring, and Bryan demands the referee to ring the bell to begin the match. The bell rings, and Bryan immediately charges after Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio ducks under the ropes, forcing Bryan off of him.

    The two grapple back and forth for several minutes. They use sleeper holds and even some submission locks even though they won't win the matchup. Bryan looks frustrated and pauses, trying to figure out a way to deal with Del Rio.

    In that time he pauses, Del Rio strikes with a vicious axe handle and then a German suplex. Del Rio works over Bryan, who seems distracted. Del Rio hits a nice DDT and gutbuster, but he can't get Bryan down for the three count.

    Bryan reverses an enzuigiri attempt into a take down, and he thinks about a submission only to stop. He then decides to hit some big kicks to Del Rio as he begins to rise finishing with a loud roundhouse kick. The crowd goes wild, only for Bryan to get a two count.

    Bryan doesn't know what to do as we cut to commercial. We return with Bryan on the top rope. He hits a missile dropkick for two, and he taunts to the crowd. As he tries to get Del Rio back up, he gets caught for a backbreaker attempt, which is reversed by Bryan into a small package, but again, only two.

    The two look each other down again as they rise. Del Rio motions for a fist brawl, but Bryan uses his feet to try to keep Del Rio off balance. He circles him eventually hitting Del Rio with some stiff kicks and a European uppercut. He takes Del Rio down with a leg sweep and again plays to the crowd.

    As Bryan positions himself, he hits a nice suplex and locks in the LaBell lock. Realizing his mistake, Bryan loosens the grip enough that Del Rio can lift Bryan up, reversing into position for the Cross Armbreaker.

    Bryan is locked into the Armbreaker, unable to go anywhere, until his face suddenly lights up. He inches toward the rope, finally getting it. Bryan rises, and Del Rio starts to charge. Bryan hits a hard mule kick to the gut.

    Bryan then goes around behind Del Rio and hits a perfect dragon suplex. The landing looks hard for Del Rio as the crowd goes wild. Bryan pins Del Rio and gets three.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Daniel Bryan."

    Bryan celebrates in the ring as Angle claps on the entrance ramp, pleased. We go to commercial break.

Main Event: CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler: Non-Title Match

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    We return to a hush over the crowd, which changes as Dolph Ziggler comes out to boos that are lightly tempered with cheers, possibly from Ziggler's earlier fight with Cole. He comes out with a confident presence, ready for anything.

    All reactions change to a gigantic pop as CM Punk enters, showing no signs of being fazed by earlier events. He motions to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, WWE Championship around his waist.

    The two stare down as the referee takes the title from Punk, and the bell rings. Ziggler doesn't even wait for the feeling out process immediately going after Punk's left leg. He grabs a hold of the leg and throws Punk to the ground. He snaps on a strong leg lock.

    Punk tries to get out of the hold for Ziggler to shift it into a half Boston crab. After fighting for a bit, Punk kicks Ziggler off with his free right leg, causing Ziggler to bounce off the ropes from where Ziggler runs into Punk, who hits Ziggler with a Falcon Arrow.

    Punk locks in a strong headlock, which Ziggler eventually picks himself, only for Punk to pull him back down. Ziggler reverses the hold into a headlock using his legs. Punk pulls Ziggler up and slams him down. The two lock horns, trying to out grapple one another.

    Ziggler gets the upperhand long enough to hit a fireman's carry takeover and then trap Punk in another hold on the leg. His pressure on the kicks seems to be getting to Punk, who is having trouble moving around the leg as he fights out into a few swift right kicks to the side.

    He goes for a big roundhouse kick, bit Ziggler ducks it and backs off. They feel each other out, with Ziggler whipping Punk into the ropes only to get hit with a big shoulder block by Punk. Punk is in control as we go to commercial break.

    We return with Punk still in control. Punk has Ziggler down and slams him hard. Punk grabs hold of his advantage as Punk pulls Ziggler up and hits some huge brawling moves. He delivers kicks and punches into a throw, sending Ziggler to the corner. Punk hits a step-up high knee on Ziggler, then a running bulldog.

    He only gets a two, so he goes outside and sets up the springboard clothesline. Just as he launches, Ziggler hits a dropkick that takes Punk completely down and out. Ziggler gets a two but keeps right on the attack.

    Powerslam from Ziggler takes Punk out, but Punk rolls up Ziggler as he goes to grab Punk, only for two. Ziggler and Punk trade missed kicks until Punk hits a neckbreaker. Punk goes to the top rope preparing for a big elbow drop.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler Cont.

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    Punk hits the elbow drop, but he only gets two. The crowd is hot, cheering for Punk as Punk calls for the GTS. Ziggler is starting to get up, but, when he sees Punk's positioning, he rolls out of the ring.

    Punk, seeing Ziggler near the barricade, tries a huge suicide dive with Ziggler, ducking and throwing Punk right into the barricade. Punk is down as Ziggler taunts, then forcing Punk to his feet. Ziggler throws Punk into the steel post, hitting that worked upon left leg right into the steel.

    Ziggler doesn't waste a second as he grabs Punk, throwing him back in the ring. As Punk rises, Ziggler snaps on the sleeper. Punk is losing consciousness as the crowd attempts to will him on. He doesn't seem to have anything as the referee checks his consciousness. He lifts the hand twice, and it falls.

    On the third time, Punk holds on much to the crowd's delight. He begins fighting back with elbows to the gut. Five shots and then a bulldog. Both men are trying to get up when suddenly...

    The Miz come rushing down to the ring, grabbing Punk. He hit him with hard punches then throws him on his head. The referee calls for the bell.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match by disqualification, CM Punk."

    The Miz is on a tear as he throws Punk to the outside. Ziggler has gotten up, realizing that he lost. He looks on for a few seconds and walks off in disgust. The Miz is brutalizing Punk. He grabs a steel chair, bashing it into Punk's chest.

    Then, as Punk uses the steel post to try and get up, Miz hits Punk's left leg with a steel chair shot sandwiched between the steel post and the chair. Punk cannot even get up at this point. The Miz takes the steel chair that is in his hand and sets it up as though he is going to sit on it.

    Instead, he drags Punk to his feet and hits the Skull Crushing Finale straight through the chair. It bends with a vicious smack. Punk is down and out, and a camera shot shows blood on the chair. As paramedics rush down to help Punk, it is visible that Punk is busted open.

    Blood is streaming down Punk's face as the paramedics get Punk onto a stretcher. The Miz looks on coldly without even a hint of a grin. We end the show as the camera pans on the cold expression of Miz.

And the Credits Roll!

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    And that's the end.

    Tune in next week for another exciting edition of Friday Night SmackDown as we gear up for the next pay-per-view, Fantasy Night of Champions (official schedule here) and name the No. 1 contenders for every title match for our side of the upcoming card.

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