In Two Weeks, Rey Mysterio Will Win the Fatal Four-Way

C VContributor IDecember 19, 2008

With negotiations under way for a new contract, the WWE needs a hook to snag the greatest high-flyer of all-time (my opinion). The Latin fan base is important to the WWE Universe and Mysterio fits the bill.

At this time, Mysterio has to be the most recognizable Luchador in the world. With Eddie gone and Chavo not being such a big star, WWE needs a Latin representative. Not to mention all wrestling fans who love the under-dog storylines that follow Mysterio and his high-flying abilities.

This is not to say that Rey Mysterio will win the big gold belt, or even sign a new contract. He should get the title shot at the Royal Rumble because WWE needs a boost in their international PPV buy-rates. The USA would also be very intrigued to see John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio in the main event.

Despite my prediction, WWE could sour on Rey Mysterio and keep him in the boring Mike Knox story because we all know the big man sucks and needs a big star like Mysterio to put him over.

Nevertheless, my prediction stands.