The New York Jets' Blueprint to Winning Against Seattle and Miami!

Rain ManCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

Do not look ahead to Miami; take it one game at a time

Look for Miami to dispatch Kansas City, setting up a gigantic matchup that decides who wins the AFC East. If we take Seattle lightly, we will lose. They have nothing to lose, and they will be looking to send out Mike Holmgren out a winner.

Jets, this is your moment to silence critics who are writing you out. Send a message that the Broncos and 49ers games were a fluke. They need to pound the Seahawks.

Better Defense

The last three games (with the exception of the late fourth quarter vs the Bills), the defense was atrocious. Peyton Hillis, Frank Gore, and Marshawn Lynch looked like Second Comings of Walter Payton, the way they ran through our run defense.

And we have Kris Jenkins, Christ! The arm tackling has got to stop. We need to punish Seattle's offense by wrapping up the ball carrier, and bringing them down to the turf. Make them feel the pain! Like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee's defense plays. See how physical they play?

Also, blitz, blitz, blitz! Seneca Wallace has been playing well lately. Against the Pats, he threw 20 completed passes out of 28, for three touchdowns, with a QB rating of 128.9.

Against the Rams, he threw no TD passes, but led a rally, he threw for 226 yards, and made clutch throws to help Seattle win. And judging by the atrocious Broncos and 49ers games the Jets D played, he must be licking his chops. Pressure him, we need to blitz him early and often and toss him around Qwest Field, or else the Jets will lose.

Better Play calling

Seriously, no excuse giving Leon Washington only one carry! And only four in the last three games. He and Thomas Jones are the Jets' best playmakers, and it makes no sense how we abandon the run so easily, leaving Favre to tossing ducks around the field.

This is exactly what happened in the Broncos and 49ers games. It's still bugging me. Seriously, give the ball to the play makers, and good things happen. Now, it's time to wake the AFC East up and let them know the Jets will win it. J-e-t-s Jets Jets Jets!