WWE: Did Mason Ryan Actually Work a Good Match on This Week's SmackDown!?

Colin StoneContributor IIIJune 21, 2016

Mason Ryan has endured his fair share of critics in the past few weeks.

The monstrous Welshman has enjoyed a monster push since turning face in September, but since then has been used in a variety of squash matches. In any match that he has actually had some serious time to fight, he looks like he could break his opponent's neck at any moment.

Although he's still unbelievably green, did Ryan actually work a half-decent match against Jack Swagger on this week's Friday Night Smackdown?

His selling, despite not being brilliant, has improved. The execution of his moves, despite still being a bit slow, has also improved. I don't think he botched at all.

Now, although you expect all three of the above categories to be in tip-top shape for any WWE wrestler, bear in mind that Ryan has only been in the business for a little over 18 months.

His massive frame also makes it difficult for him to move quickly, and I can imagine it's also difficult for him to complete simple moves like clotheslines and big boots without seriously injuring his opponent.

I do like Ryan, and I think he's got potential. What do you guys think?


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