Kobe or LeBron: Who's Better? You Decide

Tyreek HardyContributor IDecember 19, 2008

When people begin to talk about "the best player in the game," two names come up more than any others these days: Kobe Bryant and LeBron James...and maybe Dwayne Wade, just saying!!!

Most would take Kobe Bryant because of the experience in big games. Also, you take in the fact Kobe can score under pressure, but he also has the tools to make a great pass or create for a teammate as well.

Right now LeBron doesn't even have a consistent mid-range game yet and his 3-point range remains streaky on and off. Kobe is better because he doesn't take plays or games off but when your talking about the word MVP, he is there as well as LeBron, but the question is what about the team?

Kobe Bryant career PPG 25.0  APG 4.6 Career scoring high 81

LeBron James career PPG 27.3 APG 6.6 Career scoring high 56 @ Toronto 03/20/05