Red Wings Thump Sharks Could This Be the Turning Point?

Jacob MowatCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2008

On December 18 the Detroit Red Wings destroyed the league-leading San Jose Sharks 6-0. 

I was baffled when I found out. I was wondering if I was having a flashback to last season when the Red Wings would do that. But no, this was the same Detroit team that just last week was defeated 3-1 by the Western Conference laughing stock the Dallas Stars (sorry Ken).

Then it dawns on you that if Detroit can play as sloppy on the ice as they have before the San Jose game and still be second in the West where will they be if they play like they did on Thursday. Well they'll be hosting Lord Stanley's Mug, that's where they'll be.

Last night's game should be enough for Mike Babcock to rally the team out of their hangover. They'll be back plowing through teams like they were last season. If not they'll keep it on cruse control and pick it up later.

But I don't want to wait for three months from now, just like America dosn't want to wait for Barack Obama to fix the slightly more important mess. Which is why the Wings need to use this as a turning point and get a move on.

So the city is in your hands Mike! What next?