World Football: 10 of Sepp Blatter's Most Knuckle Biting Quotes

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World Football: 10 of Sepp Blatter's Most Knuckle Biting Quotes
Harold Cunningham/Getty Images
At least Sepp can see the funny side of it all...

Have you ever looked at the current incumbent head of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, and wondered whether it was all a joke—wondered if he was truly serious, I mean? Sometimes, especially during those rare moments when the head of the world's footballing authority is asked to give an opinion, Blatter sounds like a creation. It's as if Steve Coogan sold off the rights to an international Alan Partridge recast to some Swiss comedy troll posing as a portly football administrator.

Maybe he's Europe's answer to Larry David?

Good old Sepp, always good for a laugh or two, right? In between being photographed with his close friend, the excellently named Tokyo Sexwale, and resembling the long lost cousin of Susan Boyle, Mr. Blatter has been busy filling the Internet with enough quotes to launch 1,000 memes. That's just what you want from the most powerful man in world football, especially when there are no pressing matters or major issues to attend to such as video refs, dodgy World Cup bids and corruption.

Anyway, as is the reality TV fashion of our time, here are Sepp "the blather" Blatter's best bits from his career at the top. Unfortunately, and in breaking from our modern X-Factored traditions, you can't vote him out. You can't even vote someone else in since at the last FIFA election, Sepp's was the only name on the ballet. Your phone votes, for once, are useless.

In the meantime, we just have to sit tight and wait for Blatter to blow over or get bored. Until such a gale or day comes, we'll just have to hope the future brings us more entertainment in the form of photo opportunities with the likes of London Humpshark and Paris Foreplaysquid. Enjoy.

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