WWE Survivor Series 2011 Predictions: John Cena Will Turn Heel This Weekend

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WWE Survivor Series 2011 Predictions: John Cena Will Turn Heel This Weekend
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For the first time since 2004, The Rock will enter the ring and fight in a match during this weekend's Survivor Series.

The return is one of the most anticipated in the history of the WWE.

The Rock made his original pay-per-view debut as the sole survivor for his Survivor Series team in 1996.

From that point on, a wrestling legend was created.

After a long absence, he will be returning in a traditional tag team match this weekend against The Miz and R-Truth.

His partner will be John Cena.

Cena and The Rock have butted heads. This weekend they will need to keep it together for a short amount of time in the ring to pull off what seems to be an easy victory.

With the two set to face each other in WrestleMania 28, that may not happen.

It's pretty simple, face vs. face matchups just typically aren't as entertaining as when one wrestler is a heel.

The WWE needs to turn one of these two before the matchup to keep the rivalry strong.

It's all personal preference, but The Rock has never come across as a good heel. With his sudden return to the ring he is probably loved more than ever. It would be difficult to get fans to turn on him.

On the other hand, Cena has had much success during his career on both ends of the spectrum. That's why the turn at Survivor Series will likely be on his end.

The only question is how it will happen.

Will Cena turn on the Rock during the match? Will he refuse to tag in? Will he hit him with an Attitude Adjustment and leave the ring? Or will Cena wait until after the match?

At this point it's unclear how the turn will happen, but with the tension building between the two stars, expect one to turn heel.

Cena is just the better fit.


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