Why No Love for WRC? World Rally Championship Content in Need of a Boost on B/R

Adam LewisContributor IDecember 19, 2008

I joined this site less than a week ago after finding it by accident. I love both sports and writing, so, liking the idea of this site, I began to look over some of the sports I love. When I got to the World Rally Championship page, though, I saw nobody had written anything there for months.

Why is there no love for WRC? I look at the NASCAR and Formula One zones and there are loads of people writing on there, but why no one on the WRC zone? WRC is a great form of motorsport and, while I love F1 and NASCAR, I find WRC better to watch as it's just cool.

I know this is an American website and WRC is not as popular in America than it is where I live, Wales, but, come on, there has to be more people on here than me that love WRC and can write good articles about it.

I love WRC and hope to help the WRC section grow on Bleacher Report. I will write loads of writeups for this zone, such as a preview for every rally in 2009, regular updates during rallies, a roundup after each day of the rally, and an overall report at the full end of each rally.

I also have some plans that I am working on, but one man cannot do it all, so please get your writing hats on and write please; if you need any help, then just post a note on my board and I will help you. Please write!