Robinho Soccer Video: Watch AC Milan Star's Son Prove He's a Future Stud

Josh MartinNBA Lead WriterNovember 18, 2011

If you thought Robinho was great, just wait until you see his son, Robson Jr.

Or is it "Robininho"?

The Brazilian striker recently brought his boy out to practice with AC Milan, presumably for "Take Your Kid to Work Day," to show off his fancy footwork and, perhaps, to audition as a temporary replacement for the injured Antonio Cassano.

If nothing else, the Rossoneri clearly need to find this kid a spot in their youth academy, assuming they haven't already.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Robinho's boy is a football phenom in the making. He's grown up around the beautiful game while his father has played for talented clubs all over the world; from Real Madrid to Manchester City to Santos and now to Milan.

If Robinho wasn't always busy giving his son pointers, then certainly his dad's teammates, from Sergio Ramos to David Beckham to Carlos Tevez, have occupied him with tips and suggestions.

Give little Robson a decade or so to grow up and hone his skills, and Brazil may yet have its next big star.

Watch your back, Neymar.


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