Steroids and Drugs: What Is Happening to Sports and Our Children?

Travis LeeContributor IDecember 18, 2008

Let me start of by saying that I am not pointing fingers at any one individual. But when did drugs and steroids pry their way into the "purest" form of fun our youth has left in this screwed-up world?

I may not have been the most innocent person in this world when it comes to "recreational" fun, but I don't have millions of kids across the world idolizing and worshiping the ground I walk on. Not too many kids would want to be me—a common concrete worker from nowhere.

So, what is wrong with these overpaid and over-privileged idiots?

Some may say, "Well, the pressure of being an icon is too much. I need to deal with it some how." Well, you know what you cry babies? You chose that life and probably chose it during your childhood. And you make enough dough to pay for the best therapists on the planet.

So don't cop-out with the "too much pressure" shit.

I believe people that hold a certain status with our youth should be evaluated for psychological problems before they are glorified in the spotlight and in our youth's eyes. 

These people are ruining sports, ruining competitiveness, ruining our children's dreams. Sports are to enjoyed in their purest form, not tainted by glorified drug users and dealers.

But hey, I'm just a concrete worker from Washington state. I just hope that someone can get this problem taken care of before my kids decide that they want to play sports...