Tim Tebow: Lack of 'Excessive Celebration' Call May Have Cost the NY Jets a Win

Adam FranchellaContributor IINovember 18, 2011

Tim Tebow: Lack of 'Excessive Celebration' Call May Have Cost the NY Jets a Win

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    Tim Tebow has officially surpassed Brett Favre as the most annoying and excessively talked about NFL player in recent memory. However, at least Brett Favre was a Hall of Famer. It pains me to see such a mediocre NFL quarterback throw some of the worst passes I have ever seen on live TV, and then have his name talked about like he has just won the Super Bowl every time he wins a game. 

    After his most recent fourth-quarter comeback against the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football, the buzz has been wild with the Tebow name. Whether journalists are calling the fourth quarter "Tebow Time" (which I think is just ridiculous), or simply basking in his Christian boy innocence and charm, the Tebow name is everywhere. 

Take a Look at :18

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    However, there is one thing that every journalist has seemingly neglected to discuss. On the final play of Tebow's admittedly impressive drive, the entire Broncos offense jumped on Tebow, bringing all of them to the ground, at which point there was no call for excessive celebration (the celebration clearly goes to the ground at :18 in the attached video). This lack of a call is interesting, considering Section 3, Part D of the "Official Playing Rules & Casebook of the National Football League", which states:

     "(d) ...Players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations while on the ground..."

    Had the penalty been called against Tebow, the entire game could have been altered. The Broncos would have been forced to kick from their own 20-yard line, allowing Joe McKnight or Antonio Cromartie a chance at a good return. This major swing in field position very easily could have been the difference in a win or a loss for the New York Jets.

    Now, it is important to discuss why the obvious penalty was not called against Tebow.

    Was it simply because the referees did not notice the eight Broncos all fall to the ground into a man pile? Did they think that a penalty call would have too much of an impact on such a close game? Or did they simply decide not to call a penalty on none other than the inexplicably admired Tim Tebow?

    I guess we'll never know. But we do know that Tim Tebow and his cohorts deserved an excessive celebration penalty for their obvious neglect of the official rules of celebrations in the NFL. And because of this no-call the game, and possibly the season, for the New York Jets may forever be altered.