Brandon Jacobs Is the Giants' Earth, but He Is Also the Wind and Brings the Fire

Ethel Lair@twittel1Contributor IDecember 18, 2008

They say Brandon Jacobs is Earth, Derrick Ward is Wind, and Ahmad Bradshaw is Fire. Jacobs is Earth, but as those two losing games without him showed us, he is much more than the Earth of the team.

Earth is the solid ground on which he helps keep his team. He never panics and keeps things down to earth and never gets rattled.

Whether they are down on the scoreboard or winning by a lot, you can't tell by the way Brandon plays. He gives it his all regardless of the score.

Eli trusts him, knowing he will get the yards needed. Whether it be one or 10, he knows Brandon will make the play. He knows one way or another he will get the job done.

Teams need more than one player to even try to stop him. He will go through them, drag them with him, or leap over them if need be to get that extra yardage needed to move those chains!

Eli had more pressure to throw the ball without Brandon playing those last two games that they lost. He was sacked eight times the last game. 

I know the other team's defense stepped up their game and went after Eli more because they knew Brandon was not in the game.

The other players did not have the size and strength of Brandon to run the ball as well. Then again, what other player in his position in the NFL has that going for them?

They may be missing Plaxico, Eli's favorite target downfield, but if Brandon was there, they would have run the ball more than they did and probably would have won those games.

They seemed lost last week especially. Once they got behind, they seemed to give up. They played the game like they were trying not to lose the game and not like they were trying to win.

They always believed they could come back when the team was down in a game. Many times they came back late in the game to win. At least they always tried to win.

Just looking at their faces on the bench, you could tell they were not the same team that always fights and comes back to win. 

Players will be out of the game due to injury or other reasons, and that is no excuse to lose games. I know they missed Brandon and Plaxico and other players, but that is why they call it a T E A M.

T ogether

E veryone

A lways

M akes it 

To make a winner and Super Bowl Champions like the Giants takes everyone working together.

When one is missing from the team, everyone must step up their game! The whole team must do their part all the time, not just lean on Brandon Jacobs and others like him. 

That being said, let's look at the other things Brandon brings to the team and maybe give the team an excuse at least for those two games they lost.

Just next time with him or without him, remember you're a T E A M and you can make it to the winning side!

Brandon is also the Wind as he breathes life into the team when he is on the field. He takes the wind out of the other team's sails every time he comes running at them.

Without him these last two games, it seemed like the team was lifeless and confused. Many tried to step up their game without much success.

For some reason they did not seem to be on the same page. It even looked like they were not on the same field at times. Like I said, confusion and lack of confidence. 

They are all good players, but somehow Brandon Jacobs makes them all seem better. It is just like when Tiki Barber or Michael Strahan and other key players were on the field.

The team always played better with them than without them. Brandon is one of the strongest links in the Giants chain, and without him they sure were weaker. 

Wind in their sails is what Brandon Jacobs is to the Giants. He keeps them moving and motivated. So does Eli as he is always calm no matter what happens in the game. 

Every player is needed and important, but Eli and Brandon are the main spokes in the wheel to keep the Giants turning and going back to the Super Bowl.

Last but not least, Brandon Jacobs is the Fire on the team. Fire is needed to stay hot, and Brandon keeps the team moving down the field better than anyone. He seems to motivate the team and the fans right along with them.

So, he is the Earth, part of the solid foundation of the team that keeps them steady yet moving in the right direction.

He is the Wind, as he breathes life in a game when needed by getting the ball and not stopping until he gets where he needs to go—usually that extra yard needed to score in the red zone. 

He is the Fire, and we need him to fuel the team back to its winning ways. Yes, we need the Earth, Wind, and Fire of Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw. 

They are just like the nicknames Justin Tuck and perhaps many others say they are, but without Brandon, they are missing all three in one. Brandon Jacobs is Earth, Wind, and Fire!

I know he needs to be there for the playoffs and help take them back to the Super Bowl, and he will I really believe, but he also needs to help us get home field advantage and play this Sunday. 

He has had time to rest, and coach Coughlin is not one to rest players unless really needs to or they can't play at all. So I expect Brandon and all others able to play to be there Sunday and expect them to win it all again and repeat as Super Bowl Champions!

Hard to do, you say? I say, did they think they would win last year? Then just watch and you will see them have another miracle ending to this season again!

Go Earth, Go Wind, Go Fire—Go Giants Go!


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