Glen Johnson Deserves A Shot at Chad Dawson, Not Antonio Tarver

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2008

"I thought HBO really meant business when they put together great, competitive fights like Margarito-Mosley Berto-Collazo and Marquez-Diaz for the early part of 2009, but then they agree to put on a rematch of a fight that wasn’t even competitive the first time. It boggles my mind, especially when the only true rematch at 175 pounds is between Dawson and myself," said an angry Glen Johnson.

I believe that if Chad Dawson can't get a fight with a big star like Joe Calzaghe, he should fight Glen Johnson again because for me, I believe that the Road Warrior won that fight by two rounds. It was a controversial decision because the fight was very close.

Unlike his match against Antonio Tarver, it was a beatdown. Tarver got dominated and there is no point fighting the Magic Man again.

Could it be that "Bad" Chad is afraid of Glen Johnson?

Dawson cannot say that Johnson doesn't bring the money because Tarver is no longer an attraction as well. Dawson versus Johnson II is a more attractive bout and could build on Dawsons reputation.

If Dawson decides fight to Johnson later this year or next year, he will receive a lot of criticism even if he wins. Fans and critics will say that he waited for Johnson to grow old before he gave him a rematch. It is better that they do it now instead of fighting Tarver.

Time is not on Glen Johnson's side, he wants to prove to everybody that he is better than Chad. I like Chad Dawson too but I don't like the idea that he favored a match against Tarver rather than fighting Johnson or even Mikkel Kessler.

This match doesn't mean anything even if Chad knocks Tarver out in the first round and he will be humiliated if Tarver caused an upset. He might as well have taken his chance against better opposition than this.