Knock, Knock—Anyone Home? Brewers GM Doug Melvin AWOL

Jeff BreenContributor IDecember 18, 2008

Well, as free agents one by one are picked up, the Brewers continue to sit idle. It seems that the GM and winter meetings accomplished absolutely nothing. Perhaps Doug Melvin won big at the craps table in Vegas.

One thing is for certain: The Brewers aren't winning the hot stove league.

CC Sabathia was lost to the Yankees, and Ben Sheets appears to be on his way out. Free agent closers are being picked up one after the other, and in the meantime, the Brewers continue to lose out on key opportunities.

This reporter asks, "Whats the deal?"

I really hope that the Brewers aren't content with last season's success, and are willing to wait another 26 years for their next playoff appearance. It's really getting frustrating if your a Brewer fan. 

In recent years, it seems that the Brewers had already gone out and taken a free agent of pretty good worth. Carlos Lee, Solomon Torres, and Mike Cameron are just to name a few in recent years. 

The Brewers, at this point, are in desperate need of pitching. If you are willing to sit around with Yovanni Gallardo as your ace, you can expect to be looking up at the Cubs and Cardinals all season long.

Not to say that Gallardo is bad, but Dave Bush, Manny Parra, and Jeff Suppan have proved to be disappointing. Now that they are down Sabathia, and most likely Sheets, you need to go out and find someone now!

I know I am not alone on this, so hopefully we'll see some progress in the next few weeks. Otherwise, we'll be partying like its 2002...please, not that again!