Brett Favre and Mike Holmgren: The Perfect Ending?

Sheeraz MohammedContributor IDecember 18, 2008

So here we are, on the eve of week 15 in the NFL with only two games remaining in the regular season. Most will go back home after the final week, the deserving few will move on to football's second season.

At the crossroads of fate, Brett Favre will lead his New York Jets into town to face Mike Holmgren and the Seattle Seahawks. One team is fighting for a playoff spot, the other is fighting for pride.

Emotions will run high as Seattle bids farewell to the 10th winningest coach in NFL history. And how ironic that in his final home game, Holmgren goes against his greatest pupil.

While Mike Holmgren has openly said that he will be out of football in 2009, spending a year with his wife and kids and taking a much needed break.

In a story you've heard before, Brett Favre is not sure about next season.

It's worth noting what both of them said about each other. All the praise and accolades aside.

When asked the possibility that this isn't truly Holmgren's coaching finale and the whether they might get together for one true, last glorious run, Favre said, “That would be awesome—but he better hurry up. I’m running out of time. That would definitely be another chapter for the book..."

During last weeks conference call from St. Louis, Holmgren told reporters that he was “99 percent” sure he was coming back to football after the ’09 hiatus he has promised his wife.

He said that this last, lost season with the Seahawks (3-11) makes him want to come back even more.

“I don’t think I’ve worked my last day at the end of the season,” Holmgren said.

When told that Favre said it would be “awesome” to have Holmgren coach him one more time, the 60-year-old said with a  smile, “Yeah, it would be. I mean, we went through all the hard stuff. I think now would just be all the fun stuff.”

So here is a situation that might only be brewing in my head—the Jets convince Favre to return for another year if the playoffs do not really work out for them this year.

Then, the Jets and Favre sit down with Holmgren and convince him to hold off on that year-off talk. It would be just like the good times in green and gold—Holmgren coaching, Favre playing quarterback.

So what if its a little out of the reality realm. It's a perfect ending for Favre's illustrious career. Holmgren gets to coach, and eventually move into the front office of the New York Jets.

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed. There's no saying this pipe dream would lead to the ultimate goal, but its a perfect scenario for two future hall of famers.

If you dont see this as a possibility, just read between the lines of what both men are saying and let your imagination loose. Whether it happens or not, we'll wait and see. Until then, we all have a wish list—mine is a bit of a reach and but has a PERFECT ENDING!

And I'll be waiting for that "book."