NFL Prediction: 5 Things Tim Tebow Will Do This Season

Rick GillispieCorrespondent IINovember 18, 2011

NFL Prediction: 5 Things Tim Tebow Will Do This Season

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    Yes, yes, yes! Can we now drink the Tim Tebow Kool-Aid?

    With his comeback victory over the Jets, Tebow is now 4-1 as a starter this year. The Denver Broncos find themselves in a playoff race and the fans in Denver have Tebow fever.

    Many things will get accomplished over the next six games for the Broncos and their QB. A few other goals will not be reached. Let's go over them.

5) Tebow Will Throw for over 200 Yards in a Game

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    It's hard to believe that Tebow actually accomplished this twice last year. Heck, he threw for over 300 against Houston. So far this year, the most he has been able to muster is 172 yards.

    Over the next six games, Tebow will face four of the worst passing defenses in the league. Lets take a look at his best chances to hit the 200 mark.

    6. San Diego—8th best pass defense: 10 percent chance

    5. Kansas City—16th best pass defense: 30 percent chance

    4. Buffalo —27th best pass defense: 50 percent chance

    3. Minnesota—28th best pass defense: 50 percent chance

    2. Chicago—29th best pass defense: 50 percent chance

    1. New England—32nd best pass defense: 75 percent Chance

    Tebow will have a great shot against New England because Denver will be down early and have to pass their way back into the game.

#4 Tebow Will Lose a Game

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    For all you Tebow Kool-Aid drinkers,  I hate to tell you, but he will lose again.

    With games at San Diego and Buffalo, and home contests vs New England and Chicago, they will lose. The Broncos also have a game at Minnesota and at home against Kansas City on their schedule.

    Tebow is fun to watch, but winning all six of those games is not gonna happen.

#3 Denver Will Not Make the Playoffs

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    Denver is on a high right now. Reality will set in.

    Over the next six games, Denver plays a tough schedule—with the possibility of five of those teams being playoff teams. Of their road contests, San Diego and Buffalo will be the hardest. They should win at Minnesota, though.

    For their home battles, New England and Chicago will be tough. Playing Kansas City at the end of the year should result in a win, however.

    My projections indicate a 3-3 record over last six games, ending with final record of an 8-8 for the Broncos. Tebow will finish the season 7-4 as a starter.

#2 Tebow Becomes a 1500/600 Man

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    Tebow sits at 709 yards passing for the year. Over the next six games, he will raise that mark to somewhere above 1500 yards. 

    Tebow sits at 388 yards rushing for the year. Over the next six games, he will raise that mark to over 600 yards.

    Tebow is a 1500/600 Superman!

    All joking aside, Tebow is fun to watch, but those are not great numbers. They're pretty good on the rushing side for a QB, but still not great. 

    Despite that, Denver fans love him and his teammates love him. Heck, even I love him!

#1 Denver Will Draft a QB in the 2012 NFL Draft

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    Yes, even with all the love Tebow is getting, the Denver Broncos will draft a QB in the first or second round. 

    Tebow is not the future and he likely will get hurt somewhere down the road. His body will not hold up with his style of play.

    Watch for Denver to look at Boise State's Kellen Moore or Oklahoma's Landry Jones if he comes out.