Anna Benson and VH1 Bring Us Another Awful Show in 'Baseball Wives'

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Anna Benson and VH1 Bring Us Another Awful Show in 'Baseball Wives'

Baseball Wives has not yet aired and I already hate it. 

Let me start by saying that VH1 isn't stupid, and it is that fact that scares me the most. They have a hit in Basketball Wives. So I can assume with some comfort that the new show Baseball Wives will be more of the same, and now I feel sick because of it. 

Oh, yeah that's right. If you hadn't heard the brain trust at VH1 is going to premiere Baseball Wives, which will feature wives and former wives of baseball players. 

There we go again. The show already starts with but a tenuous tie to the sport it is named after. Like Basketball Wives, we will see some ladies that are once or twice removed from ever having dated or been married to an MLBer.

The first season will feature Anna Benson who is the perfect person to lead the charge in the inaugural season. She is an outspoken and sultry woman married to pitcher Kris Benson

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She famously quipped that she would sleep with Benson's entire team if he ever cheated on her. The New York Post recently sat down with her to get her thoughts on the upcoming show.

Benson leads by stating, "we are not like the Basketball Wives we are classy.” The former stripper follows up that gem by stating that she is already fighting with one of her cast mates. 

It definitely will come out, which one I like the least. We can just name her ‘skank.’ Actually, ‘skank possum!

Sometimes...I really hate this world we live in. 

The cast is star-studded if you are into mediocre ball players or wives and ex-wives thereof. Here is the list that will make this a not-so-must see TV event: Erika Monroe Williams (wife of Diamondbacks’ Matt Williams), Chantel Kendall (ex-wife of Royals’ Jason Kendall), Tanya Grace (ex-wife of Cubs’ Mark Grace) and Brooke Villone (wife of Marlins’ Ron Villone).

So what will the show be about? Well, if it is anything like the hoops world version, and it will be, we can expect 90 percent of it to be fighting, shouting and back-stabbing. The other portion will be commercials. 

The plague that made us fans of the NBA cringe is now overtaking the wonderful world of hardball. Pardon me while I go puke. 

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