Sidney Crosby Video: Watch Superstar's Incredibly Lame Bread Commercial

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What's worse than Sidney Crosby's whining in NHL games? This bread commercial.

That's right, Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby has made a new commercial with Dempster's Bread.

While Penguins fans and the NHL wait for their star to return to the ice, at least they can relax with the knowledge that Crosby is making sure he eats enough whole grains while recovering from concussion symptoms. 

At least he is not eating junk food, right?

The commercial is just poorly done in many ways, including the cheesy lines that alternate between Crosby and the bread worker.

What I want to know is why Sidney Crosby is doing a bread commercial. It seems a bit low for someone of his stature and popularity, especially in Canada.

I mean, he is only the face of the NHL.

Crosby clearly does not know much about marketing, and it seems that neither does his agent. Crosby should be doing sports car commercials and other popular products commercials that huge entertainment/sports stars get asked to be in.

This bread company must have given Crosby a sweet deal or something, like free bread for life, or free bread with another Stanley Cup title.

Speaking of the Stanley Cup, the Penguins will need their star back on the ice if they want to win in the playoffs.

Crosby hasn't played in an NHL game since January after suffering multiple concussions.

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