Jessie James Pics: The Hottest Photos of Eric Decker's Girlfriend

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 17, 2011

Jessie James Pics: The Hottest Photos of Eric Decker's Girlfriend

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    It looks like Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker has more to look forward to tonight than just the potent Jets defensive backfield.

    With his country-singing girlfriend Jessie James set to sing at halftime tonight, this game should be more than just a mundane ground-and-pound affair.

    Let's take a look at 10 of her best pics in preparation for the Thursday night matchup.


10. A Late Bloomer

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    While it may be surprising, the sexy country singer was actually rejected numerous times by labels in Tennessee when she was 15.

    After refining her technique with Yellow Dog Records, she was signed to Mercury Records after one of her songs caught the ear of a record executive.

    She's certainly making up for lost time.

9. Another Day at the Office

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    Tim Tebow may garner all the media attention off the field, but during practice it's safe to say Eric Decker's teammates give him constant high-fives and brotherly hugs to share their appreciation.

    They are pleased to have a WAG like Jessie James around.

8. The Confidence Factor

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    With Christina Aguilera, Bobbie Gentry, Janis Joplin, Shelby Lynne and Shania Twain as her influences, it's safe to say Jessie James isn't afraid of the spotlight.

    Her mesmerizing gaze confirms our assumption.

7. Loyalty at Its Best

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    In case fans doubted her love for football, it's now safe to say they have been proved wrong.

    She undoubtedly has faith in Eric Decker and his 4-5 Broncos.

6. A Man's Best Friend

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    He may have 462 yards and seven touchdowns so far this season, but Eric Decker is seemingly just as prolific in his love life.

    With this beauty by his side, he will undoubtedly reach stardom.

5. Waiting in the Wings

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    While John Fox and his assistants decide whether to run Tim Tebow left or right, Jessie James is anxiously waiting for a perfect pass to be thrown to her beau.

    The 6'3" Eric Decker can clearly make plays too.

4. Colorfully Different

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    She may be wearing blue to support the team, but Jessie James' purple shoes separate her from the pack.

    With a distinguished expression, stylish outfit and comically outstanding shoes, she can't fail.

3. A Warm Aura

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    With an iconic smile to support her boyfriend and a blue shirt to stand by the Denver franchise, Jessie James is certain to garner plenty attention in the WAG world.

    As Eric Decker's career develops, so will his girlfriend's illustrious nature.

2. Maxing out Her Resume

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    She may only have released one album, her self-titled debut record in 2009, but Jessie James is seemingly hitting it big in the modeling industry.

    Her Maxim photo shoot speaks for itself.

1. Just the Start

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    As she quietly exits the slideshow, Jessie James seemingly looks back in curiosity.

    The country star is quietly garnering respect and admiration from fans.

    She's waiting for her chance to shine tonight.