MLB as We Know It May Be Very, Very Different in the Coming Years

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MLB as We Know It May Be Very, Very Different in the Coming Years
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Something major has happened at the GM meetings, and it doesn't involve a player moving, it involves an entire TEAM moving. 

The Houston Astros will move from the NL to the AL in 2013, balancing the two leagues out. There are currently 16 NL teams and 14 AL teams, making up the NL West with six teams, and the AL West with only four. 

Makes sense to make it 15 and 15 right? Yes, but there will obviously be a large consequence to this. 

Making two separate leagues now even, you would theoretically have seven AL games and & seven NL games on given days, leaving out one AL team and one NL team. Therefore, interleague play will now become a daily thing, instead of just a special occasion throughout he season. 

That in itself is not a problem. In other leagues, such as the NFL, the two conferences square off throughout season. However, in the NFL, the two conferences are identical with their rules. 

As you know, that is not the case in baseball, because of the DH. That will bring up the issue of what to do with this fan-favorite position. You can't do away with it, players have made careers out of being strictly a DH. Also, teams are built around it now. 

Basically, we can keep it as is. You follow the home parks rules, simple, easy. AL pitchers would become more comfortable with hitting, and NL teams would get more chances to use the DH.

Probably the fairest route. 

Another major change in baseball, which may come as early as this spring, is the extra wild card. Commissioner Bud Selig has said this is something he wants to instate as early as possible, creating a one game playoff for the final spot in each league. 

Baseball will be different, but not worse. It will create more equality between the NL and AL, and a more fair game. The argument of an NL pitcher probably won't hold up anymore, as these pitchers will have to face the DH more often, and if they truly are not as good as the AL pitchers, it will show. 

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