Liverpool FC Continue to Be Linked with Brazilian Attacking Duo

Peter Webster@@petercwebsterContributor IIINovember 18, 2011

Liverpool FC are again being linked with young Brazilians Phillipe Coutinho and Lucas Moura.

The 25 million GBP Lucas Moura deal seems to be getting harder and harder to believe, particularly now that Manchester United are reported to be involved.

As much as I hate to say it, there's not a lot that Liverpool could offer the player that Manchester United couldn't better at the present moment in time. More playing time perhaps, but not much else.

In the modern age of Champions League desire and big-money contracts, I don't know if that would be enough. One can hope.

Phillipe Coutinho is certainly a great prospect, but that's all he is at the moment. Undoubtedly talented for his age, but is that enough for Liverpool right now?

He would definitely offer some flair and attacking ability from the midfield, but he's yet to really blossom as a player. He reminds me of Balotelli a few years ago in that respect, capable but flawed with erratic performances.

You have to consider that some players, despite all the will and ability in the world, just don't reach their predicted potential.

I don't think for one minute that Inter Milan would let a player so highly thought of leave for 7 million GBP as reported. Expect double that amount before Inter Milan would even open their email to bother replying.

Lucas is definitely the more evolved of the two players and he would be my preference of the two signings despite former LFC manager Rafa Benitez coining Coutinho as the future of Inter.

In reality both of these deals are unlikely, but it's nice to see Liverpool linked with players of real ability rather than average, overrated, aging defenders such as Fabricio Collocini.

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