Oakland Raiders: The Short Version of What You Know, But Coaching Staff Doesn't

Mike SommersContributor IDecember 18, 2008

This is beginning to sound like a CD on "auto replay."

I chat daily with many Raider fans about each and every Raider game. It seems that every week we talk about how the Raiders could win and what it would take to accomplish that.

Now, I am not talking about the deep-rooted issues of the need for new coaches or the whole Al Davis drama. I am talking about something basic, something most teams have, it's called a "Game Plan." 

It seems pretty obvious to me (and many many others I have talked to) that this is what the Raiders need and have needed to do to win games.

On Defense

  • We must pressure their quarterback. I know this seems basic, but we are completely unsuccessful when we let the opponents quarterback sit back all day and pick us apart.
  • We must play bump and run on the outside. I am talking about an "up in your face" bump at the line of scrimmage. This takes the timing out of the route and gives our D-line more time to get to the QB.
  • We must blitz. HELLO...Rob "me of a win" Ryan are you listening? What happened to blitzing from various places on the field? We have quick Linebackers but don't blitz, that is ridiculous. This also helps to pressure their QB.  

That seems to be a very basic plan for any team: Blitz, pressure and tight "bump (smack) and run" coverage on the outside. Any defensive plan other than that for our defense STINKS. Without the plan above, we (as fans) watch the opponents move up and down the field at will. It is sickening to watch.

On Offense

  • We must run and then run some more. All of our stats show we can win with the run and our passing game is weak. Solution is to run the snot out of the ball with our horribly under utilized backfield (that is another topic in itself).
  • Don't commit penalties. Wow, what a revelation that is. I will bet that that one took you by surprise! I don't even need to talk about that much. Basically it is to get the players to stop shooting us in the foot with penalties...HELLO KWAME ARE YOU LISTENING?

So there it is, the same formula I have talked about all season. Not to complicated is it? It doesn't seem impossible to achieve does it? BUT...for some reason our coaching staff seems to treat that plan as some mysterious coaching scheme...why? Pop Warner teams can follow a plan like that, why can't we?