Heidi Watney: A Boston Red Sox Fan's Ode to Heidi

Geoff RobertsContributor IIINovember 17, 2011

I’ve long been a fan of NESN’s broadcast team, and Heidi Watney in particular. Sure, throw your hands up, ladies, and call me a pig. Yes, Heidi is a babe, but during her time here in Boston she also developed into a pretty damn good sideline reporter.

She’s become very much a part of watching the Red Sox, and I don’t think she would have been hired here or in LA based solely on her looks…Okay, well maybe in LA. Regardless, she’s a big part of the telecast experience and she’s nice to look at—is that such a crime?

All of this aside, Heidi owns a special place in my heart. Earlier this year, some animals (that also happen to be my roommates) cruelly implied that Heidi had no time in her life for me—the average Boston sports fan. A bit of a campaign ensued, and I was finally able to connect with Heidi through the Twittersphere, where she invited me to come find her at a game. I did, and she was very gracious in taking a picture with me. Crush complete.

When I heard the news that Heidi would be leaving Boston yesterday, it hit me pretty hard. As I typically communicate with my crushes via poetry, my heart began to spill onto the page.

Heidi oh Heidi, why must you leave?
Leaving me all alone, wiping my tears on my sleeve.

You entered each broadcast, with the perfect ebb and flow,
Keeping New England viewers, very much in the know.

You dated Jason Varitek, which made me quite sad,
But then you’d come back on TV with that smile, and I couldn’t stay mad.

I still remember the day, when you tweeted at me
And I jumped around my apartment, celebrating with glee

Those golden days are behind us now, and you’re off to LA,
I just hope that your boy Kobe treats you okay.

How depressing. Best of luck in Los Angeles, Miss Watney.

Geoff Roberts is the Founder & Managing Editor of howiGit.com, a Boston sports blog.