WWE United States Championship: No. 1 Contender Merry-Go-Round

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IINovember 17, 2011

John Morrison is now scheduled to take on current U.S. champ Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series.

Are you serious, bro?

Mason Ryan. John Morrison. Zack Ryder. Will the real No. 1 contender please stand up?

I just cannot keep up with the WWE’s logic when it comes to the United States Championship. Zack Ryder is the people’s choice to take on Ziggler; he even made an online petition. Yet, John Morrison is who gets the big pay-per-view match?

Morrison lost for about two months straight before the WWE had him gain a victory last week over Ziggler. The only reason Morrison won last week was because the WWE Universe realized he lost every match he was in, so the WWE tried to change things up.

The problem with last week’s untimely win was that it screwed up the “storyline” between Ryder and Ziggler. Why is the WWE afraid to commit to a rivalry between these two?

Every week it seems like Dolph Ziggler has heat with someone new. The man has not interacted with the same person two weeks in a row for about a month and a half. One week he is feuding with Ryder, the next week it’s Mason Ryan. Where is the consistency?

The United States title just looks irrelevant with all of these constant storyline changes that jump from week to week. Dolph Ziggler is an excellent heel but he needs a standout rival instead of just being tossed around to the flavor of the week.

I am not writing this because I am some Zack Ryder mark either. I like Morrison, I just do not understand how one win in two months warrants him a Survivor Series match. What good can come of it? If he loses, it’s expected. If he wins, I am not sure anyone would really care.

The WWE has enough talent to always have a No. 1 contender waiting for the United States Championship. If Creative would stick to one guy for a month to set up a solid PPV bout it would make more sense. Why not have Ryder feud with Ziggler so he faces him at Survivor Series, then if Ryder loses you can move Ryan or Morrison up in the rankings and have him take on Ziggler at the next PPV?

There comes a point where every fan begins to start asking “Why?” When this happens the WWE has failed to do their job to make the storylines both believable and interesting.

With the amount of inconsistencies lately I would not be surprised if Triple H’s broomstick gets the next crack at the United States Championship.

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