Drunk Mississippi Coach Fights Cab Driver and Is Arrested...The Day of Game!

Jersey ChaserContributor IIDecember 18, 2008

Mississippi Coach Andy Kennedy was arrested in Cincinnati at 1 a.m. for getting into it with a cab driver named Mohammed Ould Jiddou. Coach Kennedy is said to have “punched the victim with a closed fist while shouting racial slurs.” Smells like some alcohol was involved and it was something strong.

Seeing that there next game is against Cinci tonight, they must have bed checked the kids and went out on the town to get it cracking.

One report even says:

Armstrong, 31, was drunk and thrown out of the Lodge Bar downtown early this morning. Police say a person standing nearby witnessed the assault and that Armstrong was so intoxicated he refused to calm down when asked and requested that he be taken to jail.

Hahaha, noooo not the coacher. And to add insult to injury William Armstrong was also arrested and he is the director of basketball operations aka coach's drinking buddy. His charge, disorderly conduct. Ahhhh how we do love Big Nights!

Find out what drink specials where at the bar last night here..two words it was college night!