Iowa Speedway Gets the Mansfield Truck Race

Horn FanSenior Writer IDecember 18, 2008

NASCAR has announced the following change to the 2009 Camping World Truck Series schedule. Iowa Speedway will host a truck race on Sept. 5, it replaces the event scheduled May 23rd at Mansfield Motorsports Park.

The move was made per request by Mansfield to move the event from its venue, due to its inability to meet NASCAR's requirements to remain a sanctioned facility, and, sadly, the track's affected by the poor economy.

Mansfield, if you have purchased tickets to the race, they are in the process of refunding you your money, which is sad, I liked the track.

Think NASCAR made a great choice moving the race to Iowa Speedway and be exciting to see the trucks race at the track?

Here's the track facts on Iowa: It's a seven-eighths oval, track width is 60 feet, with a 20-foot apron, banking turns of 12 to 14 degrees compound banking, the front stretch is 10 degrees and back stretch is four degrees.

"The Midwest has some of our sport's most loyal fans and Iowa Speedway produces some incredible racing as we've seen with the NASCAR Camping World East & West Series", said Steve O'Donnell NASCAR's Vice President of Racing Operation's. (

The facility also hosts the Nationwide Series, along with the Camping World East and West Series, and now add the Camping World Truck Series to this list.

The Speedway is excited by the addition of the trucks for its 2009 season, its strength, its relationship with NASCAR, and they know the fans will support the truck race.



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