LeBron James Video: Watch King James School a Kid with Dunk in London

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2011

With the NBA Lockout still in full force and threatening to derail an entire season, Miami Heat star LeBron James has plenty of time for other ventures, such as facing up and dunking on children in London, England.

LeBron was in London at a basketball school and was supposed to be showing off his jump shot to the crowd. Presumably 20 kids watching was akin to the pressure of performing in the NBA Finals as he missed two uncontested jumpers.

This prompted a kid to jump in and start going man to man on LeBron. One can only assume that the kid thought he could guard LeBron because he figured his NBA Finals form had carried over. You can't blame the kid for thinking that, but King James showed him what was up.

After throwing a few jab steps at the overzealous basketball camper, LeBron spun, took it to the hole and dunked on the kid who was virtually half his height. If that weren't enough, LeBron brought some swagger to the party as he stared down the kid afterward.

I'm quite sure that at that moment LeBron was imagining the kid was Dirk Nowitzki. LeBron took out all his frustrations on that kid in what must have been an out-of-body experience. Ultimately, though, this makes James look a bit silly.

This is especially true as he brushed past the kid after dunking on him and high fived the emcee of the event as if he had embarrassed an All-Star defender. Even though LeBron's actions were ridiculous, you have to give him some credit for hanging out with the kids in London.

For his sake, though, let's hope the lockout gets resolved soon. I'd hate to see what would happen if the LeBron world tour stopped at a pre-school for toddler-aged girls. All I can say is that little Sally had better know how to take a charge.