In Other News...Snowy in Seattle; Will It Be a Snowy Sunday for the Game?

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 18, 2008

Living in Seattle, snow is a rare thing. So, when I looked out my window Sunday morning and saw snow, I was thrilled. Watching the weather this morning, it is supposed to snow on Sunday.

Brett Favre’s return to Quest Field could be a snowy one.

Brett Favre and the Seahawks have a snowy history.

If you remember last year...At Green Bay, the 'Hawks and the Cheese Heads were facing off on a very snowy day. Green Bay won that playoff game, and Mike Holmgren coached with a "foot of snow" on his hat.

He actually joked about it last night at a press conference.

“I kept that hat, and it is sitting in my freezer with about a foot of snow on it.  I think it means I need to take a year off.”

Also last year, the Packers and Seahawks faced off at Qwest, but it looked more like they were in Wisconsin.  It snowed during that game, and the snow continually had to be plowed off the field.

This Sunday, Brett is on a new team and has a new uniform, but he still gets to face his former coach in the snow.

There is another thing happening at Qwest this Sunday that will permanently change Seattle sports. This Sunday’s game will be Mike Holmgren’s final home game with the 'Hawks. 

Matt Hasselbeck said, “Holmgren changed the Seahawks, and made them better.”

Although Mike never won the Super Bowl, he is still considered by many the best Seahawks coach ever.

Mike will be missed by Seattle sports.