Eight Sexy Women Who Got Tangled in the Defoe Web

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst INovember 17, 2011

Eight Sexy Women Who Got Tangled in the Defoe Web

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    On the pitch it seems hard work for the Spurs striker, having difficulty finding consistency and getting enough game time. If he does get time on the field, it's most likely from the bench.

    Defoe has failed to make the best out of his England appearances, having made 45 appearance, but has never played a full 90 minutes. His also been used as a sub 28 times out of the 45.

    Since debuting in 1999, he moved around a bit, starting at West Ham, playing for Bournemouth, Portsmouth and now at Tottenham for his second spell.

    His inconsistency on the field has proved to be a characteristic of his personality; this slideshow will show that his taste for women, doesn't change, but the women do.

    It will also show, that Jermain has no problems attracting the right kind of women.

Charlotte Mears

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    The once store manager, now model was the ex-fiancee of Defoe.

    Blonde and beautiful seems to be the top two components that Jermain looks for. 

Chantelle Houghton

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    Television personality, model and one woman who takes "breast enlargements" pretty seriously.

    The 28-year-old is now married, but the blonde hair is a sure give away why Jermain dated her.

Imogen Thomas

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    Welsh beauty queen, model and television personality. But we should add that this hottie is also amongst the top Serial WAGs, who tend to feed off celebrities.

    Recently she was thrown in the spotlight following her affair with Manchester United superstar Ryan Giggs.

    But back to Jermain, it's tough to understand how he gets it right with these beautiful women but can't seem to convince Harry Redknapp that he's good enough.

Roxy Townsend

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    She might not have the status of many of the other women, but she is a busty blonde and that seems like the key ingredients for Jermain Defoe.

Joanne Beckham

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    Sister of former Manchester United superstar David Beckham is another former flame of the Spurs striker.

    Wonder how happy David was about this whole shindig?

Rachel Cameron

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    Low key entry, Rachel is another one of the blondes to make the list. She is one of the lesser known WAGs, but i bet she's happy to be amongst this list, no doubt.

Sarah Giggle

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    Seems Jermain has a love for music too. Sarah, also known DJ Sarah Giggles, is another woman who has made an appearance on the Defoe bandwagon.

Danielle Lloyd

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    Finally the beautiful Liverpool born model, who, again, should be noted is a blonde. After looking up these women, another interesting fact is that they are all one or two years younger than him.

    Danielle is another Serial WAG whose posed nude for Playboy, and also was crowned Miss Great Britain in 2006.

    Wow, this was quiet a list, while it can't be compared to that of either of the Ronaldo's in terms of quality, some of these women are real keepers, or not.

    Well even if Jermain can't seem to find the starting 11, he always has a chance of starting his own team.