Cleveland Cavaliers To Deal for Shawn Marion? Fuggedaboutit!

nate jonesContributor IDecember 18, 2008

Whoever says this is not a good trade for the Cavs is effin' retartet. Yes, they are already an outstanding defensive team, but Marion will only help that. He will eat up all of Wally's minutes, proving a similar three-point threat, as well as being a much more credible and intimidating offensive and defensive threat.

No, he isn't quite as tall as Anderson. No, he doesn't have the same ridiculous charisma and flopping abilities. Flopping only gets you so far, though. I can't believe I am even comparing Vare"ho," as Tom Tolbert calls him, to an All-NBA-caliber player like Marion. Marion could be used in so many ways on so many teams. 

It really helps a tweener guy like him to have a credible inside threat, though. Although the Cavs don't really have that on offense, they have enough penetration and skill to give Marion room to work different parts of the floor. 

As for the fast break, which is a critical part of the game for a defensive team, forget about it. Marion will give these guys about a 500 percent better chance to win the east. 

The only question is whether he is worth Wally, Varejao, and a first-round pick. Given that his contract is going to be up at the end of the year, Miami may not be shrewd enough to make such a demand. 

Given that these two have a penchant for choking at critical times and are not legitimate No. 2 scoring or defensive presences, the question is worth asking. This is particularly true given that the hype machine has it that LeBron has this year or next to win a championship or he's going to New York. 

How many more opportunities are the Cavs going to get to get such an amazing player? My guess is not many.