Jerry Sandusky's Showering Claim in Penn State Case Should Constitute a Crime

M.L. PreyContributor INovember 16, 2011

Jerry Sandusky (
Jerry Sandusky (

There is nothing clean about an adult showering with someone else's child.

During a phone interview with NBC's Bob Costas, accused child molester Jerry Sandusky claimed that all he had done with the young boys in his care had been to take showers with them and engage in horseplay.  Even if this is true, it should not shield the former Penn State defensive coordinator from being charged with criminal sexual conduct.

Consider the following scenario: A 58-year-old man serves as a mentor to 10-year-old girls from broken homes.  While individual girls are in his care, he convinces them to shower with him and engages in horseplay.

Under this scenario, is there any doubt a crime has been committed?

Why should it be any different when the children involved are young boys? If you don't believe it is a crime when the participants are all male, would your answer change if you knew the adult in question was gay?

As the father of two boys, I have tried to imagine a situation in which when they were 10 years old, they somehow ended up in the shower with one of their adult male coaches. I cannot picture this scenario as anything but criminal.

As adults, we are charged with exercising good judgement when defenseless, impressionable young children are placed in our care. Electing to shower with those children—and engaging in horseplay while doing so—is clearly poor judgement.

It should also be considered criminal sexual conduct.