Vic Darchinyan vs Jorge Arce: Explosive

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

Both are brash talkers outside the ring. Inside, they are both relentless sluggers who brings it all out.

On February 7, 2009, World Super Flyweight champion Vic "The Raging Bull" Darchinyan vs Jorge "Travieso" Arce is guaranteed to set up fireworks. This is one of the fights that I'm looking forward to next year.

They have exchanged pleasantries when the fight was announced. Arce stated, "Let’s see how much guts the so-called ‘Raging Bull’ actually has." Darchinyan, not to be outdone, responded, "If Arce thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell of beating me, then he's a bigger sucker than those lollipops he chews on." Two very eloquent men trading verbal jabs at each other.

They're just talking and it's already fun.

Arce and Darchinyan are not the slickest of boxers. They usually rely on their offense and most of the time, forget about defense which makes this an explosive matchup.

Since both rely on power, in my opinion, the stronger boxer will win this fight. I give the edge to Vic Darchinyan in that department. If he can land a flush shot on Jorge Arce, then it will be goodnight for the Mexican fighter.

However, I am still giving Jorge Arce a chance in winning this fight. If he can overcome The Raging Bull's early onslaught, he can take him out as well in the later rounds. But I still favor Darchinyan to win this one.

No matter who wins this match, the fans will definitely have their moneys' worth in this fight. I don't see this one going the full 12 rounds.