Don't Ask, Don't Tell...Let's Try It with Brett Favre!

Sheeraz MohammedContributor IDecember 17, 2008

Here's a newsflash, "Favre not sure about next year!" Really? Hmm, I think I might have heard that before. Where? Oh right, the past four years up in Green Bay, WI. I know it irritates people when they hear that from him.

Me? I could care less what he does after the season, during the stretch run here. That stuff is something you talk about in the offseason, not when their season is on the line. So for those in the media and those "sick and tired" of the "Favre routine," here is a thought: If you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Translation: Don't ask him about next year and you wont hear "I'm not sure" from him.

Pretty simple, wouldnt you say? It's beyond comprehension why the reporters would ask him about next year and then turn it around and make it sound like he's going to hold the New York Jets "hostage." Oh there is a good one, "He's holding them hostage, again." What? How?

Football takes a lot out of a person, both mentally and physically. Doing it for 18 years, at one position where you are hunted down by 350lb abnormal human specimens. Just imagine that for one moment.

After all these years, I think Brett Favre, the one who hasn't missed a game since 1992, has the right to focus on next week (vs. Seattle Seahawks) and the week after (vs Miami Dolphins). And if things fall in place, the Playoffs. If I were a Jets fan, I would be bothered if Favre is making decisions about next year before THE most important game of the year.

His focus, as well as his teammates, and the coaches should be about how to win a damn game on the west coast. His and everybody else's focus should be planning to avoid the "end of the world" scenario of Chad Pennington coming back to the Meadowlands and leading the Miami Dolphins to the division title.

His and everybody else's focus should be how to win the "Brady-less" AFC East as well as get noticed in the playoffs. It shouldn't be about next year. It shouldn't be about Greenbay Packers or the other team that calls Meadowlands home.

Brett Favre was acquired by the Jets in that $140 million overhaul in the offseason for one purpose, to win. Even though the Jets knew, it could be just this one time. The Jets can't worry about next year, or the year after. They build a team around veterans with a "win now" attitude.

They knew all about the questions around his future, his plans or lack there of. Whether he comes back or not is not what should concern anyone now. That is something you save for the time between the end of Superbowl and Combines.

You live for the moment, you try to win now, and let things fall in place when the time is right.

Let Brett worry about the Seahawks first. Stop asking him questions and his answers wont bother you. Fairly simple wouldn't you say so?