WWE Survivor Series: Dolph Ziggler to Pull Double Duty Again

TJ WalkerContributor IIINovember 16, 2011

According to WWE.com, Dolph Ziggler will be defending his United States title against John Morrison at Survivor Series.

This will be the second time that Dolph Ziggler has been forced to work two matches in one night. Just three weeks ago, Ziggler participated in match for the tag team titles (which he lost) and a match for the United States title (which he won).

What does this mean for Ziggler? Well, either way, the current longest-reigning champion in the WWE will walk out of Survivor Series a winner. After all, if he wins his match against the "Guru of Greatness" John Morrison, Ziggler can continue his US Title reign.

However, even in defeat, Ziggler would come out the winner. After all, WWE has been pretty upfront about their pushing of Dolph Ziggler lately. Even if he has not necessarily been winning, Ziggler has been on TV more than usual. He has proven that he can hang with the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena on multiple occasions and his mic work has only got better.

Many members of the IWC have been clamoring for Ziggler to be pushed to the main event and it's easy to see why. If he were to lose his United States title, Dolph Ziggler would be all clear to set his sights on the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship.

However, only time will tell. It's apparent that Ziggler has all the potential in the world and whether or not the creative team decides to push him to the top remains to be seen.