Mikkel Kessler Is Looking for an Opponent

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

In an article on Boxingscene.com, it was reported that Mikkel Kessler said he had challenged several elite fighters in the Super Middleweight division and nobody accepted.

This is very sad for the Viking Warrior.

He has been criticized before for only fighting in Europe, and now that he has journeyed to the U.S. to personally challenge fighters, his challenge was rejected.

Kessler even stated that he wouldn't go the way that other fighters do by being childish and calling them names to get their attention. Kessler has nothing but admiration for his counterparts, and that is something to like about the Viking Warrior. He is a class act.

Kessler challenged Bernard Hopkins, but was advised that B-Hop is not interested in fighting him. He also spoke with Joe Calzaghe and was advised that Calzaghe doesn't do rematches. He said that Chad Dawson doesn't want to fight him, and Winky Wright has been silent. Jermain Taylors' management said that they don't want to fight him either.

This is really tough on Kessler. He is hoping to get a big fight and none of the top dogs wants to fight him.