Travis Ford and Oklahoma State Moving in the Right Direction

Josh LambertContributor IOctober 14, 2016

The Travis Ford Era has begun with Oklahoma State Men's Basketball, and so far the future looks hopeful. Oklahoma State, 5-3, has shown some good defense this year. 

Two of the Cowboys' losses were in Orlando, Florida to Michigan State and Gonzaga. The third was at Washington.

Ford's run and gun style has improved the Oklahoma State offense. Many times, they have won the game by outscoring their opponent. (They share that idea with the football team.)

Even though the team is lacking an inside presence, the Cowboys have dealt with it. Ibrahima Thomas left the team last week to deal with personal matters. Thomas was the starting forward and the tallest the Cowboys had.

All in all, the team looks good. With the addition of next year's recruiting class, look for the Cowboys to be conference contenders in a matter of years.