NFL Playoff Preview

Jason BravermanContributor IDecember 17, 2008

Here we go, the start of Week 16 is tomorrow, and yet only four teams have clinched, leaving eight more spots up for grabs.

This is what I see playing out:


1. Steelers (13-3)—A game against the Titans deciding home field, and then hosting the Brownies. I like them to win both.

2. Titans (12-4)—I know it's hard to believe they'll end on a three-game losing streak, but looking at their schedule, it's hard to believe otherwise: Pitt. at Ind.

3. Jets (11-5)—Maybe this is just a hopeful pick, maybe not, but either way, a game against Seattle is always easy, and assuming Miami wins against the Chiefs, would eliminate the Pats. It would all come down to a Dolphins-Jets game at the Meadowlands, but I like the guys in green.

4. Broncos (9-7)—If they lose this week to the Bills, I think there's a very good chance they blow this huge lead and lose to the Chargers in Week 17. However, I don't see them losing to the Bills

5. Colts (12-4)—Really, could anyone else take this spot?

6. Ravens (11-5)—Tough game coming up on Saturday. I was tempted to pick the Pats, but I think the Steelers are better than the Cowboys. If the Ravens could nearly beat Pitt, they should beat Dallas. Then, Jacksonville in Week 17.


1. Panthers (12-4)—Beat the G-Men, then lose in a meaningless game to NO.

Why do I think this? The Giants are playing terribly right now, and I see them playing a close game. Definitely one possession, but the Panthers coming out on top. Then, the Panthers resting their players, will lose to the Saints.

2. Giants (12-4)—I already explained the Carolina game. As for Week 17, they'll come out pumped trying to end a three-game losing streak, beating the Tavaris Jackson-led Vikings.

3. Vikings (10-6)—They should beat Atlanta. Matt Ryan hasn't had to be clutch yet.

4. Cardinals (9-7)—They've virtually clinched this spot, unless they beat the Pats and the Falcons beat the Vikings. I don't see both happening.

5. Bucs (11-5)—Here's where it starts to get interesting. Still, San Diego and Oakland should treat them pretty nicely.

6. Cowboys (10-6 and a better conference record than Atlanta)—They could lose both, or just as easily, win both.

What I see? A loss to Baltimore, then a win over Philly. Atlanta should be able to handle the Rams in Week 17, but not before a loss to the Vikings.