Milwaukee Bucks Give the Philadelphia 76ers an Early Christmas Gift

Jesse MotiffSenior Analyst IDecember 17, 2008

The Milwaukee Bucks were well on their way to picking up a great road victory in Philadelphia on Wednesday night...until the fourth quarter rolled around. The Bucks watched their six-point lead entering the final quarter disappear by shooting 2/18 and the 76ers stole the games from the Bucks, 93-88.

Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut each scored six points and neither was anywhere to be found down the stretch. Luke Ridnour and Charlie Bell led the Bucks with 14 points apiece.

The Bucks looked great in the first half. They continued to play solid defense, forced a lot of turnovers, and made the extra pass on the offensive end. Now, they just need to continue with all the positives and finish teams when they have them down.

I was quite impressed with the way Michael Redd made the extra pass several times. It gives me hope of Redd becoming a more complete player. I think he now understands that he has enough talent around him that he doesn't need to be the focal point of the offense. His shooting was lackluster but so was the rest of the team's.

Andrew Bogut needs to assert himself better against teams without a dominant big man. Samuel Dalembert is a solid defender, but Bogut should be teaching lessons on him all game long. Six points and eight rebounds against an undersized team like Philadelphia is just pathetic for someone with the skills set of Bogut.

The Bucks will look to bounce back on Friday night when they face the Knicks at the Bradley Center.