The Best Football Gifts to Buy for the Holidays

Dan Van Wie@@DanVanWieContributor IIINovember 21, 2011

The Best Football Gifts to Buy for the Holidays

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    If you have a good friend, family member or loved one that is really into football, chances are you have considered getting them a football-related gift for the holidays. but wasn't sure what was the appropriate gift to purchase.

    We are going to give you some interesting options that will please football fans to make the decision making process a little less stressful. 

    Our choices range from inexpensive to elaborate, so whatever the size of your budget happens to be, we will have you covered.

For Fantasy Football Players

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    Let's say you draw a name out of the hat for the office Christmas party, and your co-worker is one of the many millions of football fans that plays fantasy football. You ask around and learn that while they enjoy playing, they just aren't very good at it, and have never been crowned the champion of their league.

    So, for $29.95 you buy them an annual subscription to The, a solid fantasy football service that provides fantasy football advice on a wide range of topics. You can find a link to their web site here.

    Now that your job is done, your only other task is to make sure that they aren't spending too much time on the web site during the work day, so that they aren't in jeopardy of losing their job.

    If you don't have the budget for that gift, you could always go around and recruit nine people that have never played fantasy football before, and create a league for your friend/loved one to become the commissioner of. Chances are good this is one league that they might be able to win, and you would be the hero for putting it all together.

Cool Gift Ideas for Tailgating

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    Here is a YouTube video that covers a wide range of gift ideas for football fans that enjoy tailgating before games.

    You still have time to do research on any of these items and have them shipped to you in time for the big day.

    The wildest idea was the wireless talking barbecue thermometer.

For Fans That Are Sitting in Nose Bleed Seats

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    If you have heard your loved one complaining that their football seats are too far away from the action, you can bring the action to them. Here is a link to the latest binoculars that are offered at Sharper Image.

    The link will provide you with at least four different binoculars options, so you can figure which pair is best for when football season ends.

    The option that is pictured is called the Ultrazoom Binoculars, and those are some serious binoculars.

Football Tickets

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    Depending on the size of your budget, you can purchase football tickets for his or her favorite college football or NFL team for a single game. If you have more room in the budget, season tickets are something that any football fan would love to have.

    If you want to consider something between those two extremes, contact the ticket office of the team in question to see if they have any special packages available.

    As a longtime Buffalo Bills fan, I know that the Bills right now are offering a special priced-package on the remaining tickets for there three home games in December. That would be a great gift idea.

Wireless Football Scorecard

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    Another item we located at the Sharper Image, this is a wireless football scoreboard. For football fans, or fantasy football players, you can now go away to remote locations, and still stay on top of what is happening with your favorite team or fantasy players.

    You don't need to purchase any subscription for a provider with this gift, just make sure you put in the batteries and you good to go.

    For those people that are in to hunting, fishing and football, you now will at least be able to know what is going on. Peace of mind for $39.99. You can find the link right here.

Organize a Road Trip

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    It is one thing to buy a ticket for a home game, but to me, putting together a road trip is even more special. You have to look ahead at the schedule and pick a location that you want to go to. San Diego Chargers or Miami Dolphins games in December can make tremendous sense in December.

    Then there are road trips that include going to the Super Bowl or the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. The Pro Bowl game in Honolulu is for obvious reasons. Who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii?

    The Super Bowl however is a little trickier only because the NFL rotates the game around to different locations around the country. From 2000-2014 the Super Bowl has been hosted by the following cities: Atlanta, Tampa, New Orleans, San Diego, Houston, Jacksonville, Detroit, Miami, Arlington, Indianapolis and East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Super Bowl is in Indianapolis this year, and is headed to New Jersey for the big game in 2014.

Football Jerseys

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    Football jerseys are a great gift for any football fan. One thing to understand is that the player you choose will only have a shelf-life of so many years with that team.

    You can either buy the current jersey of your football fan's favorite player, which could run you $80-$120, or you could look for places that sell replica jerseys for much less.

    Typically at the start of training camp, you can walk into the team store of any NFL team and find a large selection of jerseys on sale, for the players that are no longer with the team, or for players that have switched uniform numbers. I purchased several this year when I attended the Buffalo Bills training camp, and they were only $10.00 apiece.

    Teams also change their jerseys, either by design or color, making the old ones obsolete. If your football fan demands to wear the current jersey to every game, they will wind up with a large uniform collection. The point is that you can spend a little or much more, but ask enough questions so you know which player jerseys to avoid.

EA Sports Madden

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    If your football fan is into playing video games, then the most up-to-date choice would be EA Sports Madden 12. This version has Peyton Hillis on the cover. It is a moot point that the Madden jinx is in full effect, and that Hillis will probably not be back with the team. That is what is known as an occupational risk.

    The game is as realistic as you could expect to hope for. If you like to do research and read product reviews, here is a handy link to a number of reviews of Madden 12, so you know what other people think about it.

    Just know that this is the kind of gift that will continue to keep giving throughout the year, even after the football season is over.


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    If the person on your gift list is a die-hard football fan, meaning that they are a devoted life-long fan of a specific team, or a specific player, you can do a little work and find some memorabilia to acquire that would be a very welcome gift.

    Memorabilia ideas can range from an autographed picture, an autographed football, football rookie card of that player, team photo, old game program, a DVD of a championship season, or an old game-worn jersey or an autographed helmet.

    You could go to a card show and usually find some sort of memorabilia on sale. Other options include going on eBay to try to win the bid on an item. But please be advised that if you wind up going after an item that is expensive, do your due diligence to make sure that the item in question is authentic, as is the autograph.

NFL Gift Shops

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    We have searched high and low for football gift ideas. If somehow you have not liked any of our ideas so far, then we would suggest going on line and checking out the gift shops at the various NFL teams. New items are featured at the team store, and you can usually find a certain number of items on sale.

    Whether you want to buy something for an infant, teenager, husband or wife, there are usually enough items there to meet your needs.

    All you need to know is what size to buy and then just click away.

    One other final thought, you can also go to the website and purchase a season pass for your football fan to be able to watch replays of his favorite team, or a season pass to be able to listen to every game, which is great if they are outdoors somewhere and have no access to cable or television. Just bring their laptop and they are in business.

    We hope you have enjoyed this football gift presentation and that your football fan is happy with their gift. Happy holiday shopping!