Alabama Crimson Tide Football: Top 5 Plays of the Season Thus Far

Damon YoungCorrespondent IINovember 16, 2011

Alabama Crimson Tide Football: Top 5 Plays of the Season Thus Far

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    Alabama's roster has a plethora of playmakers and we've seen them electrify us throughout the season.

    So, as we enter the second to last weekend of the Crimson Tide's regular slate of games, I wanted to take a look back the Top Five plays of this season to this point.

    From Marquis Maze's punt return against Arkansas, to Trent Richardson's ankle-breaking run on the Rebels, here are the plays I've come up with.

    You could make a dozen of these lists, and I'm aware that the Tide defense is not represented here, as they alone could have their own collection of plays.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that there are even bigger and better plays to come before the season concludes.

No. 5: McCarron Finds Maze on the Sideline

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    For my money, this has been the best throw AJ McCarron has made all season. It's a knock on his play, it's praise on throwing the deep out in a place where only his receiver is going to make the grab.

    Leading Florida 24-10, Alabama took over inside their own 10-yard line. Facing a 3rd-and-8 from the 10, McCarron threw a rope on a deep out to Marquis Maze for a key first down.

    The Crimson Tide would finish the drive and get up 31-10 en route to a 28-10 victory over the Gators.

No. 4: Tennessee Can't Tackle Trent

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    After a first-half struggle against rival Tennessee, Alabama had come out in the second half to a different tune.

    After two scoring drives, Alabama had taken control 20-6 and was about to blow the game open.

    Facing a 2nd-and-goal at the Volunteer 12, McCarron hands off to Trent Richardson who just runs through any and every would-be tackler on the Tennessee defense.

    Alabama would go on to drop the Vols 37-6.

No. 3: DeAndrew White Walks a Tight Rope Against Vanderbilt

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    Alabama lead Vanderbilt only 7-0 with less than a minute remaining in the first half.

    Facing a 3rd-and-3 at the Vanderbilt five, McCarron was flushed out of the pocket and appeared to have a clear path to the end zone via his feet.

    He instead through the ball up to the end line, where freshmen DeAndrew White jumped up, snagged the pass and somehow kept a foot in bounds.

    Alabama would go on to beat Vanderbilt 34-0.

No. 2: Marquis Maze with the Punt Return

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    Alabama was leading Arkansas 17-7 with just under 12 minutes to go in the third quarter. With an offense like the Razorbacks', a 10-point lead is never enough, but a 17-point lead is better.

    Facing a 4th-and-16, Arkansas punted the ball to Marquis Maze and, well, the video is better than anything I could say.

No. 1: Trent Richardson with His Heisman Moment?

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    Every Heisman trophy winner seems to have that "moment"—that big play that just sort of separates them from other contenders.

    Was this the play for Trent Richardson?

    It's a spectacular run to say the least, but not for the Rebels' Senquez Golson.

    No. 21 on the screen is the first to get a crack at Richardson, and Trent makes him whiff in the backfield.

    Golson, to his credit, hustles all the way back down the field, only to have his ankles broken by Richardson before he takes it in for the score.