Kim Kardashian and the 14 Sexiest Female Bottoms in Sports

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst INovember 16, 2011

Kim Kardashian and the 14 Sexiest Female Bottoms in Sports

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    Men are attracted to sports for many reasons: the competitiveness, the reward and, in many cases, the women.

    In this slide show, we review the hottest female bottoms in sports. The selections are in no particular order. Of course, deciding which one is the best will be left entirely up to you.

    Since a sincere effort was made to find the best bottoms, a variety of sports are represented. Some of the ladies you might know—others not so much.

Tatiana Grigorieva (Pole Vault)

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    Tatiana is a 36-year-old pole vaulter who represented Australia before she retired in 2007. Born in Russia, Tatiana was blessed with the genes and almost all the qualities that are common among Russian women.

Gina Carano (MMA)

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    Well known in the MMA circles, the 29-year-old American should have no doubt that her "bottom" is among the best in the sporting industry.

Milene Domingues (Football/ Soccer)

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    In Brazil, they specialize in a few things—including football and beautiful women. Milene Domingues has some of the best characteristics of a "perfect Brazilian woman."

Anna Kournikova (Tennis)

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    The former Russian tennis star was at times known more for her looks and celebrity lifestyle than for her successes on the court.

    Surprisingly, she has never won a single WTA title—but she is known for her double triumphs.

    Tennis aside, Anna is one of the hottest women athletes around. This picture proves why she deserves a spot on the list.

Francesca Piccinini (Volleyball)

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    Italy, another country that produces both fine athletes and beautiful women.

    Francesca is former volleyball player who makes the list. She might be over the 30 mark in terms of age, but she is still a super-hot Italian sports star.

Danica Patrick (Racing)

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    Known for her risky moves in her car, and sometimes out of it as well, Danica is an American with so much to offer.

Sandra Pires (Beach Volleyball)

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    Sandra is another Brazilian to make the cut—and there isn't any doubt why.

    She's a beach volleyball star with the right attitude and qualities to be listed here. As in many cases, the picture is more than enough to illustrate why Sandra is mentioned.

Bia and Branca Feres (Synchronized Swimmers)

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    Twins make it so worthwhile—worth the chase and, of course, the reward is always double.

    With Bia and Branca, we continue with the Brazilian theme and prove why the 2014 Fifa World Cup has to be a success. 

    The Feres sisters are synchronized swimmers—and very successful ones, I should add.

Leryn Franco (Javelin Thrower)

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    Is she the sexiest woman in sports or what?

    This Paraguayan represents hotness in its purest form; with so many assets it's quite obvious why she made this list.

Ines Sainz (Sports Presenter)

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    This Mexican hottie is noted for her bottom—the curves and firmness are what many hope to get.

Arianny Celeste (Ring Girl)

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    Sometimes just being a "ring girl" wouldn't qualify you for a list of top female athletes—but there are exceptions.

    This American is well known and was awarded 2010 Ring Girl of the Year by the MMA.

Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

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    Maria so well known, yet so young. She made her international debut at 17 when she defeated Serena Williams in a thrilling match and won her first grand slam at Wimbledon.

    Since then, she has won three other titles. While she has so far failed to live up to expectations, she is only 24 and has a long future ahead.

Allison Stokke (Pole Vaulter)

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    Since 2007, Allison has become known for her talent and beauty.  She has a notably sexy figure, which is never out of shape—no matter what the season.

Kim Kardashian (WAG)

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    Kim earns a notable mention as a women who has been with—let's just say—a few well-known sports stars.