Maryse: The WWE Divas' Secret Gem

Christi LottCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

Who would've thought that a major Diva Search reject would turn into the biggest heel on the roster in less than two years. Because of Beth Phoenix's recent Glamarella gimmick turning her into a tweener and no longer the monster heel she was, the only true solid heel is Maryse.

More importantly, Maryse is the only heel that hasn't entered jobber territory. This time last year, she was welcoming viewers to Smackdown in pre-taped vignettes lounging on beds, bathing in tubs, and in various forms of undress. The woman was an insignificant member of the WWE roster and had people questioning why she still had a job.

Then, she debuted.

Although her wrestling needed some work, there was a bit of spark in her thanks to her snobby, conceited, Diva attitude. Improvements became noticeable over the summer, which led her to be No. 1 contender for the WWE Diva Championship.

She gave a solid showing in her first title match.  She even brought out some character and personality in McCool. 

Surprisingly, Maryse cleanly defeated champion Michelle McCool on ECW in September, making people believe she was still a viable contender and that she would earn another title shot. At the time, she was the only Diva on that roster to cleanly defeat Michelle in quite some time.

Then, a monkey wrench was thrown in—Maria.

Maryse's push was stalled. She barely appeared on TV, and became the subject of backstage rumors of turmoil with the Divas Champion.

The Survivor Series elimination match showed the WWE "Universe" what she was made of. She used heel tactics to keep herself involved and eliminated the WWE's three biggest commodities in Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Candice Michelle in quite shocking fashion.

When she faced off against The Glamazon, Maryse didn't back down. She used quick and exciting moves like a kick to the back of Beth's head (French TKO) to nearly get a pinfall.

Though she fell to the Diva of the Year, Maryse put on a solid showing, proving why she should not be ignored.

Back on SD!, she recently managed to pin the champion once again, this time in a tag match.

This Friday she will be seen in a one-on-one match with recent contender Maria to determine who will get the next title shot. Spoilers are floating around the internet if you're interested, but I won't ruin it for you.

I call Maryse the secret gem because she has managed to make people forget her somewhat average wrestling skills thanks to the perfection of her heel character. Throughout her matches, she uses mannerisms and taunting moves to egg on her opponents while managing to rearrange their faces.

She has also developed an interesting set of moves she has made into her own that enhance the "Sexiest of the Sexy" gimmick she has.

She is the definition of a WWE Diva.

Her previous showings with McCool show she's a bit of a thorn in the Champ's side. If she wins the shot, will they get another PPV match? Will Maryse be the next Divas Champion? This person definitely hopes so.

Update: Maryse is the Divas Champion. Happy Dance!