Boise State Football: Bowl Projections for the Broncos

Chad ScottCorrespondent IINovember 16, 2011

Boise State Football: Bowl Projections for the Broncos

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    With No. 10 Boise State losing to No. 19 TCU this past Saturday it seems like the Broncos season is virtually over.

    Well, au contraire, mon fraire (that means "to the contrary, my brother" SEC fans)

    Boise State remains in the Top 10 and with some key games ahead and critical conference championships around the nation, Boise State could find themselves moving up in the polls, that is, of course, if they win out. 

    So what does the Bowl situation look like for the Broncos even though they still have three games to play? Will they be relegated to a pre-Christmas week bowl or do they still have a shot at the BCS? Click next and take a look.

Poinsettia Bowl

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    This is the most likely place the Broncos could fall if nothing goes the Broncos way. It is the spot the No. 2 in the MWC gets and they will likely face the WAC champion which looks to be Nevada...ugh!

    If you remember Boise State already defeated Nevada early in the season, and this would just be a massive slap in the face for a team that is deserving of a much better bowl than this. To top it off the bowl takes place on the very forgettable date of Dec. 21st, and at the same location they are playing this coming Saturday in San Diego.

    Coincidentally, this was the last bowl Boise State lost and it was against, none other than, TCU.   

Las Vegas Bowl

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    The Las Vegas Bowl is only slightly better for the Broncos as they are likely to at least face some BCS competition. The problem is this slot goes to the No. 1 team in the MWC, which is currently TCU. I would not be surprised if TCU gets an invite to a larger bowl due to its future Big 12 ties, so Boise State may fall here. 

    The date (Dec. 22nd) is pretty atrocious, and Boise State already has a Las Vegas Bowl trophy from last year, so this would be a pretty disappointing place to land, especially since they already won in Las Vegas this season. 

    On the upside Boise State would likely face a BCS team, unfortunately its the No. 5 team from the Pac-12 which is currently UCLA. Then again it could be Utah, who they played last year in the Las Vegas Bowl just before the Utes became a mediocre Pac-12 team.

Kaft Fight Hunger Bowl

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    Though there is no MWC tie-in here but Boise State does like to recruit from the Bay Area, so this is an enticing spot for the Broncos to land. Normally, the spot goes to Army but they will not be bowl eligible and Boise State could get the nod.

    They could face Utah or Cal in this game which is not ideal but it is still BCS competition. Plus, the bowl lands on one of the best days for bowls to happen, New Years Eve.

Independence Bowl

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    Though this bowl goes to the MWC No. 3 I think it would be the most enticing of the MWC bowl tie-ins for Boise State. Boise State also has been to the Independence Bowl where they lost to Louisville in 2004.

    First, the competition might actually be something Boise State can be somewhat proud in facing since the ACC No. 7 team gets the nod for this bowl. Right now that looks to be either Miami or North Carolina both teams with bigger names than how good their teams really are.

    Second, this bowl takes place at a time when I believe bowl season actually starts. Right after Christmas. The distance to Shreveport for this game may cause Boise State to shy away but given the choice between the Poinsettia vs. Nevada or the Independence vs. Miami, I would take Miami any day.

Pinstripe Bowl

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    What better way to induct Boise State into a potentially new conference than by taking the Big 12's spot against the Big East in New York City. Right now the Bowl goes to the No. 7 team in the Big 12 which will be a team that is not bowl eligible so Boise State could get the nod.

    They would likely face Rutgers and what better place to play football than Yankee Stadium on Dec. 30th. What also is interesting is there is, actually, a large Boise State fanbase in the state of New York.

Fiesta Bowl

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    For this to happen a perfect storm must take place for the Broncos. It is unlikely but possible.  Here is how it can happen.

    1. The Broncos win out.

    2. Arkansas loses to LSU

    3. Oregon loses to USC

    4. Stanford loses to Notre Dame

    5. Oklahoma loses to Oklahoma State

    6. Clemson loses to South Carolina

    7. Virginia Tech loses to Clemson in the ACC Champ game

    8. Houston loses to Tulsa, SMU, or Southern Miss

    and the biggest help:

    9. Georgia defeats LSU and wins the SEC

    then for good measure:

    TCU loses one of their last two games (unlikely)

    So that is a lot of steps, but stranger things have happened, and, as you can see, there is a lot of season left and none of those things are very far fetched. If this were to occur Boise State would likely be No. 6 in the rankings and I would be surprised if a BCS bowl passed them up for an at-large bid.

    Boise State would end up facing Oklahoma again in the Fiesta Bowl, a match that the Fiesta Bowl may find very lucrative.

    What is even more interesting, is the BCS Championship game would feature Oklahoma State vs. Alabama, but what happens if Alabama loses to Auburn?

    The world ends, that's what.

    Because at that point you have to chose between a one-loss Boise State, a one-loss Houston or a two-loss team to face the Cowboys.