Stephon Marbury Shows Up To Lakers Game...To Promote

William HungContributor IDecember 17, 2008

The New York Knicks played the LA Lakers last night, squandered a 15-point halftime lead, and lost 116-114.

But who wants to talk about another Knicks loss?

The big story last night was how Stephon Marbury paid for courtside tickets to sit near Spike Lee and the Knicks bench.

Was he there to cheer the Knicks on? No.

Was he there to be a pure spectator and not talk to any reporters? No.

Marbury was broadcasted on TV one second too much, and in all those times viewers got to see him in all his glory, he was on his cell phone. He was probably talking about his fantasy football team.

At halftime, Marbury told reporters, "I didn't create this, this is all their doing, I'm still earning my check by doing nothing. I'm staying in shape. My mindset is to enjoy my life." He was later promoting on the MSG network.

Apparently he didn't get the memo from Donnie Walsh to STAY AWAY from the Knicks. There is no denying the Knicks screwed up with Marbury. But Marbury was gaining a bit of positive PR before the whole "refusing to play" and buyout business came about. Now he pulls this stunt in LA?

Marbury claims that there is one team interested in his services once he is free, and that team will surprise a lot of people. This writer believes that the team in question plays in Eastern Europe and has game film dated back to 1999.

The Knicks are trying very hard to change their image, and their tough play on their recent road trip is indicative of that. However, there is only so far the Knicks can move on with Marbury being a distraction.