John Harbaugh Video: Watch Coach Show off Repetition Skills at Postgame Presser

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistNovember 15, 2011

John Harbaugh lives and breathes football. His interests are not diverse, and clearly, neither is his vocabulary.

Following the Ravens' embarrassing and unforeseen loss to the Seahawks, Harbaugh said the word "football" nine times in thirty seconds.

Not since Wes Welker dropped an onslaught of foot puns have we seen this much redundancy in a single press conference.

No Allen Iverson, we are not talking about practice. This is about football.

You play better football, you win football games. Coach better, play better you win those football games. Football, football, football. Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens' football team loves football.

Many coaches and players use tactics to deflect questions by tossing out redundant answers. Rather than really get into the X's and O's of the matter, Harbaugh showers us with unfocused, general statements that provide us with absolutely nothing.


The Ravens botch yet another game against a sub-.500 team and rather than admit that there is a problem in Baltimore, Harbaugh simply speaks of improving and throws out generalizations that go without saying.

Hopefully John starts acting a bit more like Jim. Stirring the pot seemingly unnecessarily seems to be working in San Francisco. The vanilla press conferences aren't doing anything for the Ravens' swagger.