WWE: The Not so Awesome Truth About Survivor Series

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIINovember 15, 2011

Survivor Series is only five days away.

The Rock is making his triumphant return to the ring after a seven-year absence.

We should all be eagerly anticipating Sunday, November 20.

Yet, I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as geeked as everyone else to finally see the Rock return to the ring after his lengthy sabbatical. The only problem is, the WWE has given us all a piss poor reason to care about that return.

I understand the need for the Rock to return to action before Wrestlemania, as he will undoubtedly have ring rust. However, the problem for me is that his return will not be nearly as special as it should be.

First, the worst kept secret about Cena and Rock teaming up was finally revealed about a month ago, even though it had been advertised well in advanced.

And what exactly is the Rock returning to do? Help Cena handle the “fearsome” duo of Miz and R-Truth? Here is a brief breakdown of how much of an impact Truth and Miz have made since the announcement of their Survivor Series match:

Three weeks ago, Cena makes Miz tap the STF in a decent match. R-Truth jumps the rail wearing a Scream mask and is promptly served by Cena. Miz recovers from the “devastating” STF only to get tossed from the ring as well. So, only one week after recruiting the Rock to aid him against Awesome Truth, Cena single-handedly owns the duo.

Two weeks ago, Internet darling Zack Ryder finally gets his long-awaited Main Event Match with Cena as the two team up to take on Awesome Truth. At least this time, Awesome Truth gets the better of Cena, as Miz pins Cena with a little help from R-Truth. Once again, how can we take these guys seriously when they struggle to beat Cena and Ryder? And they had to cheat to do so!

Yesterday was quite possibly the breaking point for me. The Rock finally made his long-awaited return to Raw, and after cutting a decent promo calls out Awesome Truth, who of course are happy to oblige. This of course leads John Cena down, and as in the case with most talking segments in wrestling, things break down quickly. Rock and Cena pounce on Awesome Truth, and both Miz and Ron Killings take Rock Bottoms to send the crowd happy.

Let me see if I understand this, John Cena asks for the Rock’s help against Awesome Truth, and in a span of three weeks, both Cena and Rock are able to beat the two by themselves.

How are we supposed to take Awesome Truth seriously heading in to Survivor Series?

Why should we feel vested in the matchup?

There is nothing at stake. There is no consequence if Miz and R-Truth somehow prevail.

The only purpose this match serves is to further the tension between the Rock and Cena as they head towards Wrestlemania, which would have happened regardless given the dynamic between the two.

There was so much wasted potential here, it’s absurd.

Survivor Series will make a ton of money, but WWE really dropped the ball with the buildup to this matchup. Miz and R-Truth are going to be thrown to the wolves in order to put over Cena and Rock’s feud.

And that, my friends, is the truth.